Thai Iced Coffee {Recipe}

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Who needs a little summer in their life right now? I keep seeing all the insane weather across the country and I just know I’m not the only one in need of some sun. That’s why I’m declaring this week, Summer in March {catchy title, huh? 😉 } I realize that for most folks around the globe Spring is more enjoyable than Summer, but for us in the Pacific Northwest Spring usually means more rain….I went with Summer because I want some guaranteed sun. I’m starting off with one of my favorite iced coffee recipes, the Thai Iced Coffee. This is literally the only homemade drink that I will substitute for my Starbucks.


And seriously, what makes it feel more like summer than an iced coffee?? Well, I pretty much always order iced coffees {even when it’s snowing out}, and I think it’s because I’m always wishing it was summer. I ran upon this recipe from The Pioneer Woman and I literally can’t get enough of it. She used cold brewed coffee in hers, but I usually just use espresso or french press coffee and it turns out great. Disclaimer: I have no idea how many calories this thing contains, but I imagine it’s quite a bit… you have been warned.


1 cup of strong coffee (or 4 oz of espresso)
2-3 Tbsp Sweetened Condensed Milk
Splash of Half & Half to taste
Optional: Flavored syrup


Prepare coffee as you desire. I like to use our Bialetti Brikka to make a good strong espresso, but strong drip coffee or french press coffee will work just fine too. Let the coffee cool for a minute or two. Place ice in a glass, and pour coffee over ice while shaking the glass. This cools the coffee off the fastest so all the ice won’t melt. Add the half & half and sweetened condensed milk.

thai-ice-and-coffeethai-iced-coffe thai-iced-coffee-sweetened-condensed-milkTaste and add more half & half or sweetened condensed milk if desired. I sometimes add a splash of vanilla or hazelnut syrup {if I have it}, but it tastes DELISH without it. Now kick back, pretend the sun’s out and enjoy!

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