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DC Weekend: Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I have been so busy! Including just spending a wonderful weekend away in DC for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! That’s right, I had an entire long weekend away, no baby, no husband, it was amazing. Ok, I did miss them terribly, but I haven’t had a weekend to myself since Claire was born…so it was needed indeed.

As I mentioned in this post, I won this trip by doing a Nike+ Challenge at work…so this was way more of high class vacation than I have ever taken in my life. When we plan trips we typically look for the cheapest hotel, go out to the cheapest restaurants, and pick the cheapest flight {which usually involves multiple stops along the way}, so it was kind of fun to experience it in a way that will probably never happen again.

We stayed at the W Hotel right next to the White House and walking distance to the Start/Finish line of the race. There couldn’t have been a more ideal location to stay!


Saturday was all about getting ready for the race! We visited the race “Expotique” where you could try out Nike running product, get your hair done by Paul Mitchell and then walk up the street to find your name on the race contest wall! I love that everything was geared towards women, it made it so fun!

IMG_3140 IMG_3132 IMG_3146

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and Georgetown and visiting the Air & Space Museum.

Sunday was the Race Day! We were up and at ’em early with 15,000 others to get it going at 7am! Cool view of the Capital Building, huh?


This ended up being THE best race I have ever done. The view was amazing, the course was flat and the weather could not have been more perfect. When I first found out I was going I thought I would try to get a PR of under 2 hours. But after my last half {2 weeks prior} when I came in at 2:08 I decided under 2 was probably an impossible goal and I might as well just stop along the course to take pictures and just have fun! So that’s what I did…and somehow I still ended up with a PR of 2:03!! I totally could have made it under 2 if I tried. I think that just means I’ll need to go back 😉

IMG_3191 IMG_3193

Of course one of the best parts is the finishers medal, also known as a Tiffany’s & Co necklace!


The finishers tent was so fun they had stations set up so you could freshen up a bit after the long run!


Then we got to enjoy the Nike VIP tent. Which included an espresso bar, mimosas, all you can eat food, massages, stretching/rolling stations…um yep, pretty much amazing.

IMG_3228 IMG_3215IMG_3243

After all the race festivities were over  I met up with Colin’s Aunt and Uncle {who live in Baltimore but made the trip down to see my race!} for a wonderful lunch. The weather was just amazing so we enjoyed our meal in the sun. It’s always fun catching up with family, especially when they live across the country!

The afternoon was spent walking around the Natural History Museum. That was another great thing about our hotel we were able to walk to the main strip of all the museums. You can imagine after all the walking, oh yeah and a half marathon that morning we were pretty exhausted by that evening.

Monday was our last day in DC. We didn’t fly out until 5pm so we had most of the day to get in some sightseeing. We were all feeling pretty good despite having just completed half marathon so we ventured out for a monument walk. We saw the Washington Monument, the World War II memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the White House, and then ended the day at the American History Museum.

IMG_3268 IMG_3252 IMG_3269 IMG_3277 IMG_3282 IMG_3292

Such a great trip! I was happy to have travel buddies that wanted to maximize the weekend as much as I did. We got to do and see a lot in just a weekend and there is so much more we could have done. All the more reason to return again next year!

Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

Last week my work put on a Nike+ challenge for a chance to win an entry, flight and hotel paid for to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC! And I was one of the lucky winners!! You guys, that’s crazy. I never win anything! I’m super excited! Looks like I’ll be adding yet another half to my race schedule this year. The race is on April 27th and I’m actually doing one 2 weeks before that so I’ve already been training. I’m so stoked.


This will also be my first weekend away from Claire. Did you hear that? I have not had a one night away, by myself for 1.5 whole years! I’m looking forward to it… and at the same time I’m already sad to be away from her for just a weekend. But it will be awesome. Oh and I almost forgot the best part of the race, every finisher receives a Tiffany’s & Co. necklace at the finish line. Yep, you heard that right. Can’t wait to share my trip with you all!

Any of you on Nike+? Click here to add me as a friend!

Half Marathon Success

First half marathon of the year complete! Woo hoo.  My knee had been bothering me since doing a long run last weekend, so I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But I did, and with a personal record! I think my keys to success were the fact that I ate ridiculously unhealthy all weekend and went to my book club the night before which resulted in alcoholic drinks {only one} and staying up later than planned. Just kidding. Well, not kidding about those things happening, but they probably weren’t my keys to success. I think the real keys to success are 1) AWESOME friends to run with and 2) consistent training.


Veronica, Stacy, Lydia and myself

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