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Home Cleaning Calendar

I’ve always had a hard time keeping my home clean. Even before I had a home I had a hard time keeping my room clean. To anyone else my room resembled the aftermath of a tornado. But the funny thing is, it was totally organized. Always. Just in several little piles scattered across the entire room…and in the bed…and on my sister’s side of the room…My husband on the other hand is impeccably neat. I wouldn’t go so far as to say impeccably clean…just neat. He likes things in their place. If they don’t have a place they need to be purged of immediately. Oh boy, do opposites attract. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions: Organize It!

I’m all about New Year’s resolutions and setting goals. I have a pretty extensive Excel spreadsheet with all my goals for the year, but I won’t bore you with all the nerdy details. They fall into the typical resolution categories; health & fitness, spiritual development, personal development, raising Claire, relationships, finances, etc. On the blog though I’ve decided to focus on one of my resolutions…


This was actually one of my resolutions last year, that didn’t happen. So I’m giving it another try because it needs to happen. Organization in a small apartment is a must! I am going to choose at least one area of my home to organize per month.

Continue reading

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