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Belt & Scarf Organization {Organize It #3}

I can’t believe it’s April already and I still haven’t posted an organization project for March yet. I realized this last weekend {with 2 days in the month to go} I hadn’t completed a project yet. I can’t slack on the new year’s resolutions only 3 months in. So I had Colin install this Ikea towel rack to hold all my scarves and belts! I had this in our last apartment and I really liked having them organized this way. You can install it in your closet too, if you would prefer not having it be so visible. It’s much easier to see them this way…actually I don’t even remember how I organized these before I did this.



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Organization Reality Check

I thought it only fair to write a little reality check post as a follow-up from my organization project post yesterday. In the spirit of truly “Swimming Sideways” I have to share that because of my little organization project I now have a few bottles that have made there way to the bathroom counter….

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