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House Projects {Week 2 Update}

Again, I am way late in posting the updates. But fixing up a house is a lot of work! I also needed some time to recover before posting this one. Recover from what? you might ask. Well, we had a little bit of a catastrophe with the hardwood floors. We decided to refinish them ourselves {to save some money and because Colin wanted to do them}. Colin and my dad spent a full weekend sanding them down {like three full 12 hour days}.

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Home Sweet Home

We have been in our new home almost a month now! And, although we still have a few boxes to go through and find places for everything we are feeling more and more settled. It’s truly starting to feel like home. I thought it was time to share a few pics of the new place….it’s still a work in progress.

The night before moving in we decided to do a little painting to our new bedrooms. I think paint is the number one thing you can do to freshen up a room!

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