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Glittered Spring Nails!

I visited my sister the other weekend and raided her nail polish again. I still haven’t added any colors to my collection…just because we’re debt free now doesn’t mean I can go crazy and spend a few dollars on nail polish or anything 😉 But when I’ve got resources like my sister I really have no reason to buy my own. She’s part of this thing called Black Box by Cult, which I guess is a nail polish club where you get a couple new colors every month. This month she got this great coral color, perfect for Spring, and a matte finish top coat. The glitter polish was not part of the box, I decided to add that one into the mix all on my own!


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Heart Nail Art

Even with an exhausting weekend full of moving and getting settled into our new place {pics coming soon}, I somehow managed to get a little time to do my nails {you can see more of my recent nail art here and here}. Since it’s February now, I went with the obviously choice of hearts. I decided to merge my last 2 attempts into one, use tape to make a stencil and use the gold sharpie!

Nail Art Supplies:

Nail Polish
Top coat
Sharpie {or another polish color}
Masking Tape


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New Years Nails

Since my last nail art venture was a success and it’s inflated my ego, I decided to go at it again. Gotta have fresh nails for the new year!


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