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1 Year House Update

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for, a happy & healthy family, more than enough food, a great job and a roof over our heads! Even though this house is definitely a never-ending project, I am truly thankful for it. I can’t believe we’ve owned this home for over a year already!! Time flies when you’re having fun… 😉

It has been a while since I’ve posted an update on our house projects…so this is long overdue! To be honest if you were to come over it may not look like we’ve done a whole lot {and I often feel this way}, so I gotta keep on pulling out the before pictures to remind myself how much we really have accomplished. Click here to see our progress posts! Continue reading

House Projects {Week 4 Update}

So in all honesty I have absolutely no idea what week we’re actually on right now. I just know I am waayyy behind. So this will most likely be my last “weekly” update and from here on out I’ll do updates based on projects.

In the 4th week we settled into our new place. We replaced the kitchen floors, replaced the soffit and light above the sink, finished up painting all the kitchen cabinets and unpacked {a little}, we’re still trying to figure out the best place for everything.

Continue reading

House Projects {Week 3 Update}

The 3rd week was all about just getting done what needed to be done in order to move in! We were naive to think we would be in in 2 weeks…and even trying to get in by the end of the 3rd week was pushing it.

Here’s what we completed this week…We re-did the bathroom floor. Seriously that might be the most noticeable thing we did this week! Continue reading

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