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Postpartum Health & Fitness

For everyone that has had a baby, getting back into shape is just plain ugly! I literally feel like a big squishy blob that just absolutely does not want to move…anyone else?? I feel you! Actually I had times of feeling like that before I even had children.

With my first pregnancy I gained 50 lbs and kept on 20 of those pounds before getting pregnant with Audrey. The 2nd time around I didn’t gain quite as much, but I was more determined than ever to ensure I didn’t keep on that extra 20 pounds again! A friend of mine caught me at just the right time and asked if I wanted to join a 21 Day Fix challenge group. It is basically a clean eating and portion control program with daily 30 minute workout videos. I was slightly skeptical because another thing about me is that I HATE diets and after trying so many of them and never really sticking with them, I vowed years ago to never do a diet again. But when she invited me I had exactly 21 days until I returned to work from maternity leave, so I thought, why not? Plus I really wanted to lose that baby weight! Continue reading

At Home Workout

With being home all weekend and getting limited exercise, I started feeling a lot like a blob {the excess of baked goods probably contributed to it too}. I normally have a pretty active week, I run 3-4 times, take an intense class called “Sculpt” at the Nike gym, and work in pilates and yoga when I can.

Luckily our gym provides recorded versions of the classes online so I decided to do a little at home workout. I should have remembered this earlier in the weekend and done one a day, but I was pretending I was on vacation¬†and I didn’t have the motivation to get moving…


I’ve written out a little at home workout that you all can try that incorporates what we do in our sculpt class. Colin thought I should record a video tutorial to show you all these moves, but I’m kind of against anyone watching me while I exercise, because I am no expert. So I tried to incorporate links to demonstrations of some of the moves that may be unfamiliar. If I don’t explain something well enough or you just have questions, please ask in the comments!

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