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Baby Gender Prediction!

I can’t believe I’m already in week 20 of this pregnancy! It really is going by fast. This Friday we find out what we are having. So excited!! I thought it would be fun to go through all the fun gender prediction indicators and let you all have a guess!

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

This is a chart that takes into account your age and the month of conception to give you a gender prediction. Some people swear by it. And it was right with Claire. Survey Says: GIRL

Baby Bump Position

For some reason I really can’t tell how I’m carrying this baby, but other people have told me it looks like I’m carrying high. I’ve also noticed I can pretty much still wear and button my regular pants, so the bump must be high. Survey says: GIRL

Heart Rate

At our initial visit the rate heart was around 160 bpm and the second appointment it was around 150 bpm. With Claire she was always in the 150 range- they say over 140 means girl, under means boy. Survey says: GIRL

The String Test

This one never works for me. Supposedly if you tie a ring to a string and let it hang over your belly it should swing either back and forth {which would indicate girl} or in a circle {which would mean boy}, for me it never does anything…it just dangles. Survey says: ????

Morning Sickness

Oh yes. Lots and lots of morning sickness. It lasted from week 7 through week 16. The EXACT same time frame I had it with Claire. Throwing up multiple times every morning {SO glad to be passed that}. Girls supposedly make you sicker than boys. Survey says: GIRL


I would say my complexion has stayed about the same. Haven’t broken out a ton but haven’t noticed my skin getting clearer either. They say girls steal your beauty and boys give you a better complexion, but I don’t know what it means if it stays the same. Survey says: ????

Food Cravings/Aversions

This time around I have been craving more sweet things. Like donuts, scones, and pop tarts. And some sour things too, like pickles and lemonade. They say sweet means girl and salty and sour means boy. I have a combo of both…so who knows. With Claire I wanted more salty things like potato chips and french fries. My aversions have been the same as last time…mainly lettuce and spinach. I think the jury’s out on this one too. Survey says: ????

So there you have it. Majority of these say GIRL and I know they are not necessarily correct, but I’ve also been feeling girl. I would be pretty surprised if it was a boy, but of course happy and excited with whatever this little babe is 🙂

What’s your guess??

Claire Update {2.5 Yrs)


I can’t believe Claire is already 2.5, actually 2 and 8 months…ahhh! I practically have a 3 year old! Anyway, she is such a smart little thing. The other day we were out taking a walk and we came across a small dog, Claire looked up at me with her all-knowing big blue eyes and said “That dog doesn’t have feet” to which I replied, “Yes, he does sweetie” and she said “no he doesn’t, dogs have paws.” It was so funny. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and give her a big kiss. She surprises me with things like this all the time.

She’s also very funny, she will do anything to get a laugh out of people. Her favorite right now is to make up words, like when we sing “Old McDonald” instead of pigs and horses on the farm she’ll make us say something like “Old McDonald had an obi didi doo doo.” Then she’ll laugh forever. She must get this silliness from her dad 🙂

She loves to be in the action. We went to a family wedding and Claire spent the entire reception dancing away {well, really she was running around and jumping}, but that’s where all the kids were, so she had to be there too.

For Memorial Day weekend we went to Washington Family Ranch for family camp. Claire had a blast, she got to go swimming, ride a horse, play games and meet some other little friends. Throughout the weekend they had a Lego Movie theme. I have never seen Claire so scared of anything in her life. Everytime they would come out on stage she would quickly jump up into my lap and say she wanted to go home. She started to warm up a bit by the end of the weekend, she even gave them a couple high fives and posed for a picture. It’s funny to see the phases the little ones go through, all part of growing up!

Claire started pre-school last week! She had a really great first week.  When we went to visit the school a couple months ago she immediately ran over and started playing with the other kids on their outdoor play structure. She turned around and said “Go Mom” with a little wave of the hand. I just about died!! She’s only 2.5 for goodness sake’s. No longer my little baby. Though just last night when she was going to bed she told me she didn’t want to go to school and started crying. She worked herself up so much that I decided to just keep her home today {plus I’m home sick myself}. We stopped by the school to pay for the month and I think Claire was a little disappointed that she wasn’t in the action playing Play-Doh with all the other kids. She said she would go tomorrow. I’m doing my best to make this the most boring day possible 🙂

Potty training is in full force. She’s pretty much got it down, she does have an occasional accident when she’s really into playing and forgets to go {and we forget to remind her}, but I’m not trying to push it much. A few months ago I decided it was probably time to potty train and I had heard about the 3 day potty training. So we gave it a try and It just didn’t work. She wasn’t really ready. She would sit on the potty when I told her to, but she wouldn’t go. In fact, she saved it all up until nap-time when I put a diaper on her. So after day one I threw in the towel and decided we would try again later. I should have just taken my mom’s advise from the start 😉

Well that’s about all for now 🙂

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