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DIY Birthday Cards {Free Printable}

Over the last couple months I’ve been making some fun DIY birthday cards for friends and family! I have a pile of scrapbook paper that I bought at a garage sale a few years back and it’s literally just been sitting in my craft storage bin ever since. I have high hopes of someday completing our wedding and honeymoon scrap books…and a baby scrapbook.. I’m not sure what it is but whenever I sit down to lay out the pages I draw a blank and just can’t figure out how I want it. I kind of like my mom’s method where she had all of us kids make the scrapbook for her. I’ll need to wait a few years and probably have a few more kids before that can happen 😉 Anyway, I thought I might as well start putting the paper to use and make some cards.

I made each one just a tad different. I even whipped out my fake calligraphy skills.

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DIY Party Decorations #3 {Chalkboard Sign using PicMonkey}

Remember this little chalkboard sign I made for my sister’s bridal shower? chalkboard-sign-pic-monkey Well, I’ve created a video tutorial for you all on how to make it on picmonkey.com. It’s so easy and something that would be cute for any type of party you are going to throw! You can customize it to say whatever you want and look however you want, throw it in a cute frame and you’re set! First you’ll want to download a chalkboard background! I used this one from the We Lived Happily Ever After blog, scroll down to the bottom of her post to download it. Now watch my video tutorial and have fun creating!! Comment below and tell me what you made on Pic Monkey!

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Hello friends! I’ve had so many parties lately that I’ve decided to do a series on DIY Party Decorations! Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you want for your party, so why not make it yourself?? Today I’m showing you how to make a party banner. I think a banner is an essential to party decorating these days. I know you can buy them, but I’ve had fun making my own. I made my first one for a friends bachelorette party a couple years ago, then I made one for Claire’s first birthday and most recently I made these for my friend’s baby shower and my sister’s bridal shower. party-banner-diy IMG_0497Bride-to-be-diy-banner Continue reading

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