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Claire Update: 2 Years

I can’t even believe my little baby is 2 years old already!!!! How in the world does time fly by so fast? I seriously feel like I was JUST pregnant and anxiously anticipating her arrival, but then again, I barely remember our life without her!


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2nd Birthday Party & Birthday Cake Recipe

My baby turns 2 tomorrow!! I can’t even believe it. We have been so busy this summer that I didn’t even plan a party. Last year I spent months preparing. My mom told me we had to do something, so we decided on a small family gathering at their house. No decorating, not much preparation, just showing up and enjoying family. That’s exactly the kind of party we needed this year.

photo 3 (9)

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Claire Update: 21 Months

My little baby is getting so big! She’s so close to being 2 it’s insane. Her favorites these days are bubbles, buckles and babies. She can literally sit and play for hours if it involves one of those things.


Oh yeah and she’s a total goof ball. She has such a hilarious little personality. I have no idea where she gets it 😉

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