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Christmas Card Outtakes

This year we had a particularly hard time deciding on a Christmas card photo. For one thing we have a one year old. Need I say more? Getting her to sit still for a photo is a chore! We didn’t have any good recent family photos (or really any family photos) and we’re on a tight budget, so nothing profesh. We dropped the ball this year. On Thanksgiving day we gave my brother the iPhone and told him to snap a couple photos that we could use for our Christmas card (photo cred: Mike Hobizal). Here are the outtakes. This pretty much sums up life with a one year old.


Of course the parents go and ruin this first one

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Cinnamon Pine Cones

It’s that time of year again, when the grocery stores display those over-scented cinnamon pine cones that overload your nostrils when you walk in. But really, who can resist them? They basically turn your home into a real Christmassy Wonderland. And they are only like $2.99 a bag!


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