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Simple “JOY” Banner {DIY}


‘Tis the season for decorating every single inch of your home. At least that’s what I want to do this time of year. I decided I would add a little sparkle by creating a simple banner to hang behind our couch. I was inspired by this one I came across last year for Thanksgiving…I didn’t complete it in time for Thanksgiving so I decided to make my own Christmas version {with a few less letters to make it even more simple}.

I bought some loose glitter and spray glue. I’m the type person that when I want to do a project I’ll just do it, whether I have everything I need or not. In this case I didn’t have access to a working printer to print out a template so I decided to improvise and draw the letters out myself. It’s 3 letter’s for goodness sake…I think I can handle that. I drew them on the card stock and cut them out…not too bad. Continue reading

Christmas Recap

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Our morning was perfect as you can see from the Instagram photo I posted yesterday.


Who am I kidding?! I have a 15 month old which means she could care less about the presents and the beautiful twinkling tree. All she really wanted on Christmas morning was a clean diaper and a warm bottle.


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