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5 Easy Money Saving Tips

I’m not quite sure how to follow my debt free post from Friday, it’s going to be a hard one to top. The response I got to the post was so amazing and way more positive than I expected. My hope in writing it was just to be real with you all and hopefully inspire a few of you through it! I think I accomplished that 🙂

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite ways to save money. The hardest part during our journey to becoming debt free, was feeling like we couldn’t have a life. We had to get pretty creative in coming up with things to do that didn’t cost much. So here’s a list of my favorite ways to save money on entertainment in no particular order.


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Budget Friendly Fashion Finds

I always laugh when I read the “Budget Friendly” columns in magazines. Because, well, the person who wrote that has no idea what it means to be on a budget. And I’m talking a serious budget. A $50 shirt is not a “steal” in my book. If it were a steal it would be FREE. I’m not saying I never splurge, because I do, but my splurge is more like what the magazines would say is the budget price. So I decided to do a little budget friendly post of my own for your Saturday, because I am quite proud of my little finds {they were not free so I won’t go as far as calling them steals, but they are close, very close}.

My first find is from Zara. Colin actually bought this for me online for my birthday. And now, the Everyday Shopper bag is on sale for $29.99! Which is pretty dang good considering bags like this can sometimes be $15,000. Ok, yes, those are ones made with real leather and at stores only celebrities shop in, but still it’s better than like the average $200 or something, right?


The Everyday Shopper from Zara

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