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Cake Pop {Recipe}

I have been wanting to try my hand at cake pop making ever since I first tried one at Starbucks. They seemed simple enough, right? I’m mean the recipe is literally only a few ingredients. I even did my homework and looked up tips on “fool proof” cake pops…and somehow they still turned out disastrous. Well, they taste amazing, they just look less than amazing….a lot less than amazing and I still felt the need to add the sprinkles. I went to the store and bought 4th of July sprinkles for goodness sake I’m going to use ’em.


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Cookie Crunch

So I’ve invented something new. I’ve been wanting to bake something for like the last week and just haven’t had the time. Things like starting back at work, the holidays, and other people baking me treats has prevented me from doing any baking of my own! Last night I finally decided to just do it. I had a lot of butter on hand so naturally I went for the recipe that required a pound of it. These babies.

Shortbread cookies

Don’t they just make your mouth water? {this is not my photo}

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Caramel Corn Fail

You know when you really want something and several obstacles come your way, but you ignore them all? Because you really want it, but you should have just realized the signs to save yourself from utter disappointment? I’m usually the one to initiate baking in our home. Colin could care less. He doesn’t even like sweets. So weird, I know. The normal scenario is that I’ll get a craving for something in the morning. Like I’ll be dreaming about it or something and wake up and tell Colin that “I think I’ll make cookies after work today.” He doesn’t think it’s weird at all. It happens all the time. I’ll even go to the grocery store before work and pick up the butter that we need (seriously, it’s always butter.) So the other day I had already decided I was going to make cookies after work. Colin walks in the door and announces he’s been craving caramel corn all day. I love caramel corn, love making it, love everything about it. But I’ve got to make these cookies. So I tell him he’s on his own with the corn. While he’s gathering up the ingredients we realize there is no popcorn. Kind of a necessity when making caramel corn. This is sign number one. My cookies turn out awesome. Then I realize we don’t have any milk for the babe. So I send Colin to the store and this is his chance to resurrect the caramel corn idea back from the dead. It’s 8:30 pm by the time he gets home (sign two, this is late to start a baking venture), but now that he has popcorn he’s determine to satisfy his craving. I read off the recipe to him while he does the work, we double it. One batch is never enough. While reading him the ingredients I realize we’ll be just a tad short on the butter (I’m telling you guys, it’s always the butter), this is sign three. But I don’t tell him that, just that he should add whatever is left of the package I bought earlier (thank God I already made my cookies). It all seems good and fine. The corn’s in the oven baking. I give it a toss halfway through the time. Then I get up and check it again, 5 minutes later. This stuff is supposed to bake for like 35 minutes, I check it again  5 MINUTES later and it’s smoking. It’s almost a pile of ash. It’s totally the butter shortage’s fault. Colin was crushed, all this work and no satisfaction. I sit there and pick out the good ones. I spend like a good half hour on it. I got enough to take this Instagram photo at least.


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