Spring Flowers

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Since we had such a beautiful weekend {that I got to enjoy very little of, read my post from this weekend if you missed it}, I was inspired by the weather to get some flowers and do a little floral decorating around this place. Colin bought these jars from Goodwill a while ago and I haven’t had a chance to put them to use yet! It’s amazing what you can find at a place like Goodwill, these were between $1 – $3. I like looking in antique shops too, but generally I have found that antique shops are pretty expensive in comparison. If you don’t care about things being authentic antique and its just the “look” you are after, any cheap second-hand store is as good as any.


Somehow I managed to make it out of the house during a small window of time when I wasn’t feeling too exhausted from the lack of sleep and the sickness hadn’t hit me yet, to pick up these roses. I think flowers are such an easy way to add a little decoration and color to your place. Even if you don’t want to go out and buy vintage jars you could clean up any old food jar and use it as a vase {spaghetti jars, mason jars, anything will do!}

I played around with the flowers in different arrangements and areas of our place.

spring-flower-arrangements-roses spring-flowers-roses-vintage-vases

Then I noticed this little tray and decided to put the vases on that…this tray actually goes with a set of dip bowls, as in chips and dip, but I think it was just what this floral arrangement needed.spring-flower-arrangement-with-vintage-vasesspring-flowers

I stuck the rest of the roses in a mason jar and put it in our room {sorry, the lighting in our room is bad…we do in a basement after all 😉 }


I like to have flowers all over the place, brings the sunshine indoors {even when it’s raining out, like it is now}. I’m going to need to think about planting some of my own…is it too late for that??

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2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Natalie

    Pretty! One of the beautiful aspects of Portland:roses. Ask mom about whether it is too late to start growing roses. I bet she would know. 🙂

  2. Tara

    It’s Spring! It’s the perfect time to plant flowers here, isn’t it there, too?!

    Research flowers for a “cutting garden,” and I bet you’ll find some good ones to bring inside. My neighbor had one last year, but.. I haven’t a clue what the flowers actually were!?! We planted zinnias on a whim last year, and they were rockstars — beautiful outside and in a vase! They were prolific, too, so the plant never looked bare (despite my cutting).


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