Snowed In Weekend

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Snow is a rare event in the Portland area. I worked a couple hours from home on Friday and then got to enjoy the rest of the snowy weekend. We got over a foot of snow, so for this area that’s snowed in. Nothing gets plowed, the city shuts down, and the streets are full of makeshift sleds. It’s a fun time.


Colin and Claire on our walk to the park

We’re also very thankful that we moved in before we actually had to be out of our apartment or it would have been perfectly timed with the snow-pocalypse. Thank the Lord! And since we just moved in it’s just felt like we’ve been on a little weekend away in a snowy cabin or something.

How we spent our snow-mageddon weekend:

  • Baking, baking, baking! I got the chance to redeem myself on my caramel corn recipe! Turned out perfectly this time.
  • Eating, eating, eating! You can’t bake and then not eat it. I’ve probably gained about 20 pounds, I think my body thinks we’re in hibernation…
  • Playing games – Ten Thousand is a family favorite
  • Watching Olympics
  • Taking walks – Claire didn’t know what to think of the snow. The first day she cried the entire time she was out in it. The second day she warmed up a bit, but still wouldn’t walk in it until Colin created a little path for her. As I’ve said before she’s quite the little princess 🙂
  • At home work outs! After all the baking, eating, and Olympic watching, an at home workout was a must. I’ll be posting an at home work out soon!

Claire walking on her path Colin made. Our little princess 🙂

As much as I have enjoyed our snowed in weekend, I’m ready for it to be gone {true Portlandian, right there}. I’ve got some major cabin fever! You would think with all the time we’ve had being stuck in the house we would have gotten completely moved in, done some fun craft projects or a much needed organization project, but no. I’ve enjoyed pretending we’re on vacation in a snowy mountain cabin, and I’ll get to all that when the rain commences.


Our “snowy cabin” view

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