Reasons My Child is Crying

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I realized I never posted a Claire update for her 18 month birthday, but now that I can say she’s a year and a half, things don’t change every month. I’m going to post on an “as needed” basis. This week has given me a reason to post. My usually easy-going, happy baby has become quite the little emotional diva. Have you ever seen the blog, Reasons My Son is Crying…? It’s one of my favorites. And in the last week I could have contributed months worth of blog posts for them because of the amount of times Claire has cried over…well, nothing really. So here’s my edition of “Reasons My Child is Crying.”


She’s crying because she didn’t want me to put her pants on…


Crying because…well, not exactly sure why she was crying, but it must have been serious because she acted like her life was over.


She pulled the banana apart from the peel…


I put the smaller cup into the larger cup. She didn’t like that.


Winston’s crying because he wanted to keep his wet/dirty diaper on… {yep, we have 2 crying children in this household}


She didn’t want to come inside for dinner…and we were having pizza. What child doesn’t come running for pizza?

It gets better, right?? Or are the “Terrible Twos” really more terrible?

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5 thoughts on “Reasons My Child is Crying

  1. Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    Reasons my son is crying is awesome! I thoroughly enjoy looking through all the reasons, though I’m sure the parents aren’t enjoying it while it’s happening. Makes it more lighthearted to look back on it like this though 🙂 Seriously, who doesn’t want pizza??


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