Practicing Calligraphy

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I’ve been inspired to work on my handwriting. My friend and co-worker Colleen has the prettiest writing ever. Even her everyday work notes are gorgeous. You can see some of her work at her blog Dashing Pearl, she is definitely talented. I’m quite the opposite, the for me norm is ridiculously scattered and messy.

I know when I say calligraphy you might think of this…


But I’m really liking the modern calligraphy like the examples below…

modern-calligraphy modern-calligraphy-2

So I decided to try and teach myself how to write in calligraphy. Obviously I’m not going to write like this all the time for work notes and stuff but for something special it would be fun.


I’ve spent weeks practicing on any old scrap of paper that comes my way. I think Colin’s starting to get quite annoyed with me, while cleaning off the table for dinner I quickly scribble a word or two on the mail, while writing out a grocery list I’ll write yogurt over and over to get the “r” right (those r’s are tough).


One thing my friend taught me on how to fake calligraphy is to shade every down stroke that your pen makes. Here’s a visual. I start by drawing a second line parallel to the original down stroke line and then filling it in.


I wanted to make something for Claire’s room, so I picked out one of my favorite bible verses, James 1:17, and practiced, practiced, practiced. I even bought some special paper and pens to make it look great…but I ended up liking my practice ones better than the one I tried with my fancy paper and pen. So for now one of the practice scraps is in the frame..,


The shading’s not even finished…

Obviously I have some more practicing to do. One of these days I’ll actually do the real one! Happy calligraphy practicing!

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