Postpartum Health & Fitness

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For everyone that has had a baby, getting back into shape is just plain ugly! I literally feel like a big squishy blob that just absolutely does not want to move…anyone else?? I feel you! Actually I had times of feeling like that before I even had children.

With my first pregnancy I gained 50 lbs and kept on 20 of those pounds before getting pregnant with Audrey. The 2nd time around I didn’t gain quite as much, but I was more determined than ever to ensure I didn’t keep on that extra 20 pounds again! A friend of mine caught me at just the right time and asked if I wanted to join a 21 Day Fix challenge group. It is basically a clean eating and portion control program with daily 30 minute workout videos. I was slightly skeptical because another thing about me is that I HATE diets and after trying so many of them and never really sticking with them, I vowed years ago to never do a diet again. But when she invited me I had exactly 21 days until I returned to work from maternity leave, so I thought, why not? Plus I really wanted to lose that baby weight!

The first 21 days I lost 10 pounds and 10 inches and felt amazing! So I had to keep going. As I said above I have tried diets before but I never stuck with them very long and most of the time I’d get obsessed and I’d eventually get so burnt out and mentally drained I’d give up. I’ve kept up with this program for over 6 months now and I don’t want to stop! No, I have not been perfect, but I’ve consistently made progress and haven’t given up!


April 2016 –> October 2016

So, why has this time been different? 2 big reasons:

  1. I’ve got an online challenge group and coach that keep me accountable. motivated and encouraged! This is HUGE! I realized this is also the key to why I’ve kept up with running and have run so many half marathons. I had a group of people encouraging and helping me along the way.
  2. I’ve been learning about how small seemingly insignificant changes in your behavior and habits can significantly impact your life, for good or bad! 30 minutes of exercise a day doesn’t seem like much, but if you do it every single day, over time that’s a lot of hours working out!

My biggest habit changes!? I get up every morning before the girls wake up and get in my 30 minute workout. I literally go to sleep in my workout clothes, roll out of bed and push play. This was so tough at first, but as my diet has improved it’s gotten easier and easier. And now it’s a habit that feels like second nature. My second habit change, is doing my meal planning and prep every week! Having a plan for my food saves money, time & helps me {and my entire family} make healthier food choices!


For anyone with health & fitness goals out there or any goals, really! Find a group of people that are encouraging and can help keep you accountable. You will achieve your goals, I promise!

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