Plane Ride Survival kit

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For the last few weeks I have been absolutely dreading our plane ride with Claire to San Antonio for my sister’s wedding. We’ve only flown one other time with her and she screamed the. entire. time. Yes, we were that family. And it was only a 2 hour flight to San Diego, but this time we were taking two 2 hour flights…So naturally I have not been looking forward to it. I decided to try and be a little more prepared by bringing a variety of activities to keep her busy. I really wanted to find one of these buckle toys because lately she’s had a fascination with buckling and unbuckling things, but I didn’t have enough time before we left.

So I made a little trip to the Dollar Tree and put together this little plane ride survival kit: coloring book, colored pencils {because she refuses to color with crayons…}, stickers {anyone else out there remember Lisa Frank??? I got a little excited when I saw this sticker pack}, her favorite books, squishy toys, hand puppets and some snack pouches.


We were ready!

And in a major turn of events…….Claire slept almost the entire time…she slept about half the time on the first flight and she slept the entire second flight. It probably helped that we had a really early flight and woke up at 3 am.

The way home was a slightly different story. Both of our flights were delayed due to snow in Denver….yes, SNOW in the middle of May. Quite a shock having come from upper 90 degree weather. So anyway, on our last leg home Claire was the squirmiest, grumpiest little thing and the “plane ride survival kit” was only creating things for me to clean up off of the floor. And honestly I couldn’t blame her. I wanted to be off that plane and home as much as she did. Bring in goofy dad to the rescue to entertain her and help us get through it! Overall though it was a breeze compared to the constant screaming we endured in her very first plane ride experience.

Photos and details on the wedding to come!

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