Cake Pop {Recipe}

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I have been wanting to try my hand at cake pop making ever since I first tried one at Starbucks. They seemed simple enough, right? I’m mean the recipe is literally only a few ingredients. I even did my homework and looked up tips on “fool proof” cake pops…and somehow they still turned out disastrous. Well, they taste amazing, they just look less than amazing….a lot less than amazing and I still felt the need to add the sprinkles. I went to the store and bought 4th of July sprinkles for goodness sake I’m going to use ’em.


I’m not sure where I went wrong exactly… could be due to the fact I bought lollipop sticks instead of cake pop sticks? Added a little too much frosting to the cake? Didn’t have enough melted chocolate? I’m pretty sure it was a combination of all of the above. They were so gooey, they wouldn’t stay on the stick. They either slid completely off or just fell apart.

So, my tips for all you out there that want to out do me in the cake pop making department {believe me it won’t take much}.


1} Buy the cake pop sticks… don’t make the mistake of buying the lollipop ones {do people really make their own lollipops?}

2} Go EASY on the frosting. Add like a teaspoon at a time, it’s just too risky to add more than that.

3} Decide what you want out of your cake pops… what do you want more? Taste or looks? I actually just wanted a good Instagram photo to impress people with, but now that I’ve eaten a few {OK, fine…more like 5} I’m happy the outcome was moist tasty cake pops. Delish!   


1 box Cake Mix, prepared
1 can of Frosting {I bought a can of frosting but you could always make your own}
White Chocolate {I bought one Giradeli chocolate bar and it just wasn’t, enough buy 2 or 3 or 4…can you ever have too much?} 
Cake pop sticks {this one’s important}


  • Bake cake mix according to package 
  • Once cake has cooled crumble into a large bowl
  • Add SMALL amounts of frosting at a time and use hands to mix it all together. You want the cake crumbs just to start sticking to each other and to be able to form a ball
  • Form into balls and place on cookie sheet
  • Freeze cake balls for about 20 minutes
  • Melt chocolate in microwave
  • Dip a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and stick into the center of the cake pop {supposedly this helps the stick to stick to the cake mix}
  • Let set for a few seconds
  • Dip into the melted chocolate and coat evenly
  • Place cake pop upside down on cookie sheet or place stick end into styrofroam or some other form that allows it to stay straight up
  • Eat and enjoy!

Have you tried making cake pops? How did yours turn out? What did I do wrong?? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Cake Pop {Recipe}

  1. Karyn

    I’m a pastry chef, so I’ve made a fair amount of cake pops in my day. I would suggest cake pop sticks like you said- they’re thicker and that helps the cake balls stay on and solid. But there is one crucial step that I feel you’re missing- chill the cake and frosting mixture for about 20-30 minutes before you form it into balls (and repeat if it gets too warm and soft while you’re rolling them). Also, it helps to have white chocolate coating (it’s a little different- white chocolate is very finicky). I usually stick the pops in styrofoam to dry that way they don’t have a flat side and let the chocolate set up a little before adding sprinkles.

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions!! I think freezing the mixture is probably the key! I will definitely give these another try 🙂


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