DIY Owl Decor

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Have you noticed? Owl decor is EVERYWHERE! The weekend before Christmas we took a mini vacation to the Oregon coast with my family. My dad brought a linoleum block to do block printing with. It reminded me of when I did linoleum block printing in high school art class. Guess what I did my block print of? An owl. That’s right, I was totally on it. 12 years ahead of the game.

So I was mentioning to my family how I had made an owl in high school and how owls are totally in right now. They all proceeded to make fun of me. Really? How have they not noticed all of the owls?? But over the next couple days I started receiving random text messages from my family with images of owls, further validating my point that owls are EVERYWHERE. Who’s laughing now? Well, I think we’re all laughing, getting bombarded by owl texts is pretty funny.

garden-owls gold-owl owl-pillow pottery-barn-owl


pottery-barn-owl-2 wood-owl

On Christmas day I was on a mission to find my owl block when I was at my parent’s. My mom keeps everything so I thought for sure I would find it. But on the other hand she keeps everything so I couldn’t find it. I did find one single print of the owl though.


Kind of creepy huh? It totally has human eyes.

I was still determined to block print an owl so the next day I went to the art supply store and bought what I needed to start from scratch. If you want to attempt a block print of your own you will need: block printing ink, a linoleum block, linoleum carving blades, roller and paper to print on…{you can also print out a design to trace or transfer to your block instead of doing a free hand drawing}.


I just have to point out that the ink I purchased is gluten-free. Being from Portland and all I was really happy they had a gluten-free option of this stuff ;).


For my design I decided to go with a more kid friendly looking owl, instead of a creepy human-like one. I’m not trying to give Claire nightmares.


This was a preliminary sketch, I didn’t snap another photo before I started carving.


The key is to make sure the ink evenly covers the roller…example of what happens when you don’t do this in the photo below


owl…or penguin…?


I kind of like the imperfection of these prints. Gives them character. Colin looked at them and thought they looked more like penguins than owls… and I agree, it’s a hybrid owl/penguin… owlguin? But the real question is…will it give Claire nightmares? I think it’s kind of cute.

I do plan to put these in white frames and hang in Claire’s room at some point. I will post a pic when that happens.

Just a word of caution if you try this, always make sure your hand/fingers supporting your block are behind the carving tool’s blade {yes, I am speaking from experience. I will spare you the gory details}.

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