Organization Reality Check

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I thought it only fair to write a little reality check post as a follow-up from my organization project post yesterday. In the spirit of truly “Swimming Sideways” I have to share that because of my little organization project I now have a few bottles that have made there way to the bathroom counter….


and the storage bin under my sink is now overflowing…


I’m still proud of my shelves and after a week {I completed this last weekend} they are still intact…nothing extra has found it’s way on to them. Woo hoo!

As I was doing this project I almost just organized the entire bathroom, and I still might this weekend, but we will be moving soon….Oh boy, yes, we are moving  {I’m still slightly in denial, considering I just organized these shelves and I’m pretty sure they won’t have anywhere to go in our new bathroom} at the beginning of next month. My hope is that this move will force us to get rid of all things unnecessary and start fresh organizing in our new place! Any tips on how to stay organized in the midst of a move would be great! 🙂

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