Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

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Last week my work put on a Nike+ challenge for a chance to win an entry, flight and hotel paid for to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC! And I was one of the lucky winners!! You guys, that’s crazy. I never win anything! I’m super excited! Looks like I’ll be adding yet another half to my race schedule this year. The race is on April 27th and I’m actually doing one 2 weeks before that so I’ve already been training. I’m so stoked.


This will also be my first weekend away from Claire. Did you hear that? I have not had a one night away, by myself for 1.5 whole years! I’m looking forward to it… and at the same time I’m already sad to be away from her for just a weekend. But it will be awesome. Oh and I almost forgot the best part of the race, every finisher receives a Tiffany’s & Co. necklace at the finish line. Yep, you heard that right. Can’t wait to share my trip with you all!

Any of you on Nike+? Click here to add me as a friend!

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One thought on “Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC

  1. Natalie

    Awesome!!! So, proud! You’ll be in good shape for the wedding! We’ll have to go running when you’re here.


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