My Running Story

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I thought the first Monday of the year would be a good day to do my first post on running and exercise, with most people having some sort of resolutions about health and fitness. I’m currently training for a half marathon {just 2 weeks away!}, this will be my 4th since I had Claire! I have some pretty awesome running buddies and I don’t think I’d keep going without them. This last weekend we completed an eleven miler. It was one of those rare winter days in Portland, the sun was out! It was absolutely amazing.


Myself, Stacy & Lydia after our run

It’s pretty ironic that running is now my exercise of choice when I think back on it. In Highschool I was destined to be valedictorian {it seems like a change of subject here, but bear with me}. How in the world could I get anything other than all A’s?  Well, there was this one ridiculously awful class called Physical Education. P.E., Gym, Class of the Devil. Any of those names work. The worst part of it was the dreaded one mile run. 4 laps around the track. In those days I was not in shape. I wasn’t really overweight, I just wasn’t fit. I remember running those four laps thinking I was going to die. My heart was going to stop. My lungs were going to explode. I couldn’t do it. I think I finished in 12 minutes. Well, in order to get an A the girls had to run it in under 7 minutes. Yes, under 7 minutes! Which is pretty darn fast. So I got a big fat F. My first EVER. I had to have some sort of condition. I convinced my mom  to take me to the doctor. I must have Asthma. The doctor prescribed an inhaler for  what he called “Exercise Induced Asthma.”  That sounded about right. I never could quite get the hang of using that inhaler. I wasn’t coordinated enough to breathe in and spray at exactly the right moment, so that awful stuff just stuck to the back of my throat. That was ok though, it really was just a prop for me to hide behind so I didn’t feel so ridiculous for not running fast. And I thought maybe my P.E. teacher would feel a little sorry for me and change my grade out of pity. But she didn’t. I ended up with a B in that class. My valedictorian dream was shot down forever. When I look back on this it reminds me that I never want to be that version of myself again. I don’t want to hide behind something if I fall short. I want to do whatever I can to improve myself. I could have worked really hard to improve my mile time for the next test, but I didn’t. I think that’s why I run so much now. I must feel some subconscious need to redeem myself (well, that, and the fact I still have 10 pounds of baby weight to lose). Three years ago I completed my first half marathon then I signed up for one while I was still pregnant with Claire as a motivation to get back in shape and now I’m hooked! I may even do something real crazy like my friend Stacy and do one half marathon every month for an entire year….we’ll see. This year I didn’t write down any specific resolution around running, I put it in my “continue to do” column. 

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2 thoughts on “My Running Story

  1. Kathy Malloy

    Really interesting blog and point about “never wanting to be that version of myself again”. “That version” is such a good way of expressing a strong, positive sense of yourself, yet still acknowledging that there’s an aspect, version or part of yourself you wish to change – in this case, to be stronger and healthier. That’s such a positive way of looking at self-improvement without being overly harsh or self-critical.The thought of changing “a version” of oneself – no matter what it entails – seems so much more positive, realistic, and thus do-able! Good luck this year!

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