Moving Tips!

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It’s moving week! It came way faster than I anticipated. Just last week I even asked Colin if he would hang my framed Owl Prints in Claire’s room so I could take a picture for the blog. He gave me the “are you crazy look.” Denial, I guess.


proud of myself for getting them framed so fast….they would look better if they were hung on a wall though 😉

Just a few things I have deemed from this week of moving… Here are my totally unoriginal, probably common sense moving tips!


Make trash, give away and sell piles.

Trash – Sometimes you just gotta get rid of the 50 “baby girl” gift bags you received at your baby shower… or those movie & concert tickets you’ve been saving for a craft “someday.” Moving is the perfect opportunity to just get rid of it! Just do it! {This is totally a pep talk for myself J}

Give away –There might be items that don’t seem worth it to sell and you can’t just throw them away, but someone else might really enjoy having them…like several pairs of baby socks that no longer fit…or clothes that I will “one day fit in,” or home décor. Put these items in a give away box and bring it to your next gathering of friends! {I think giving my stuff away to friends is waayy better than just dropping the bag off at Goodwill, but that’s just me}

Sell – Last weekend we listed several items on Craigslist and we basically ran a little business out of our apartment for a few days. Who knows what the neighbors were thinking with all the people going in and out. It’s amazing to me what people will buy…a wooden salad bowl set? a folding table? Ikea shelves? There is a buyer out there for {pretty much} everything! Try selling J

Boxes make it easier!

The last few moves that Colin and I have done we haven’t used boxes…I’m serious. We just threw stuff in our cars and made trips back and forth {luckily both times we were moving less than 2 miles away}. We totally thought we were doing it right. Also, now that we have a child moving boxes are a total must, kept Claire entertained while we packed & cleaned 🙂

moving-boxes-3 moving-boxes-baby moving-boxesmoving-boxes-4

Label the Boxes

Ok, this only happened for about half of the boxes…I had good intentions of labeling everything, but something called ‘my husband went crazy and boxed up everything before I could figure out what happened to what’ so not everything got labeled.

Rent a Moving Truck

The last time we moved we were literally moving parking lots – from one apartment complex to the apartment complex right next door. I remember Colin trying to get around this step of renting a truck and suggesting that we carry our big furniture down the street…um, no thanks. I don’t care how far we are moving, I don’t want to be carrying a couch, a mattress, an over-sized chair, etc. along the sidewalk, in the pouring rain {we live just outside of Portland, it would definitely be raining}. Plus our families already think we are crazy this would just be the icing on the cake!

So yes, moving trucks are a must.

Enlist Friends to Help

The more hands unloading boxes makes the process go that much faster! Make sure everyone knows that the boxes are labeled with the room they belong in so they can unload it that way {for the most part}. And throw a pizza party or something for all their help {any takers?? 😉 }


Or if you live somewhere like NYC {or even if you don’t live in a big city} just hire a moving company and have them do all the work for you!

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6 thoughts on “Moving Tips!

  1. Alex

    Emily, I just LOVE reading your blog every morning! Kinda feel like it’s just part of the morning routine! Not sure how you complete it with a toddler, work, husband and life in general! Guess that’s why you call it Swimming Sideways! Good luck with your move!

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