Moving Pains

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Moving is rough. I didn’t think it would be so hard on Claire.

We went over to our old apartment for the last time on Sunday and Claire had fun running around in the empty place. When we went to leave she started crying, almost like she knew we wouldn’t be back and she was sad about it. I guess she’s a lot like her mama, she doesn’t like change much and will take some time adjusting.  We’ve been in our new place 4 nights now and Claire has only slept through the night one of those nights. Oh man, am I one tired mama. She’s always been such a great sleeper, at home and on vacations, so it didn’t even cross my mind that she would have trouble in our new place. It’s probably also combined with a little teething.The other night she screamed/whined/cried for 3 hours straight. In all her 16.5 months she has never done that. I spent 2 hours rocking her in the middle of the night {I haven’t done that since she was something like 2 months old} and because neither of us got adequate sleep and I wasn’t feeling good the next morning, I took a sick day and got to spend a day at home just me and Claire. It was a blessing in disguise I guess. We haven’t had a day where we were both just home in a long time. We each took a few good naps, I worked on a couple craft projects and Claire played. We have quite the play room at this place.


Claire started getting cranky…


So we decided maybe we had been inside too long so we went out to get some fresh air and say “hi” to our newest friends, the chickens…


yes, our new house comes with chickens!

Then this one started going after us so we ran back inside and decided to take another nap…


Hoping we feel better, get some nighttime sleep and all start feeling a little more settled in to our new home soon!

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