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I can’t believe Audrey is over 8 months old!! She’s at such a fun age, she’s interactive, loves to talk and smile. One of her gifts is definitely bringing joy with her smiles. It’s amazing what a smile can do for your mood, she’s teaching me to do the same 🙂 She’s crawling everywhere and starting to pull herself up on the furniture.


She’s starting to really look like Colin, well I guess everyone has been saying that for a while now, but I’m really starting to see it. Her eyes especially. I think her nose might be my side a little bit because when she’s sleeping she looks like me but when her eyes are open she’s definitely Colin! She’s a healthy one weighing over 20 pounds and fitting into 12-18 month clothing already.

We’ve gone on several little weekend trips and Audrey really is easy to just tote around. The weekend before I went back to work we went camping at the coast! It was a SUPER quick trip- Claire fell asleep in the car before we even made it to the campsite. She woke up the next morning in the tent and was so excited. We let her have a s’more for breakfast since she missed the nighttime campfire fun. We were able to fit Audrey’s travel crib in the tent so she went down easy and slept all night!


Over Memorial Day weekend we went to family camp again this year. We all had a blast! Claire was tall enough to be a passenger in the go-carts this year, she also rode on a paddle board while Colin paddled, swam on Colin’s back out to a trampoline in the lake and swam in the pool {correction: she never actually swam in the pool, she just ran back and forth from the edge of the pool to the area where all the family was camped out}. Audrey slept like a dream in the cabin. Claire was a little better than last year, but she still had trouble falling asleep. Too much going on in a big bunk room! We’re looking forward to going back next year!


In July we took a road trip to Idaho to have our annual visit with our good friends, the Endicott’s! The drive to Idaho went flawlessly, we left super early and were able to transfer both girls into their car seats and get a good 3 hours of driving in before they woke up. Claire & Bretlee are into all the same girlie things- babies, playing house, etc. so even though it had been a whole year since they’ve seen each other they became fast friends! They had a blast together. Love looking at the pictures of the two of them! Claire caught her first fish and got to ride on a horse all by herself!

img_3616 img_3617img_3624

This is how she first felt about riding by herself! hah

This is how she first felt about riding by herself! hah


She just needs a little time to warm up to new things. Happy as a clam!


Not a bad catch on a Frozen fishing pole!

On our drive back home from Idaho Colin started to feel pretty sick. You know how guys seem to exaggerate a little when they’re feeling under the weather, well that’s what I thought was happening. Colin drove almost the whole 8 hours home- I took over with about an hour left to go. When we got home he went right to bed and was up that entire night throwing up. IN my head I was thinking it was probably just gas or the flu. I even asked him if it was one side that was hurting and he said no, that it was all over. In the morning I took the girls to daycare and Colin decided to go to urgent care. It ended up being appendicitis! I guess the worst wife award goes to me for that day. Sheesh! Luckily he went in to the hospital before it burst and was able to get removed with a minor surgery. He was on light duty at work and at home for about 6 weeks and has fully recovered now!


I went back to work at the beginning of May. For some reason it was MUCH harder going back this time around. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because I had more of a life while on maternity leave, couldn’t just lay around and watch shows all day with a 3 year old in the house! But some exciting news got announced shortly after starting back to work- Nike updated their maternity leave policy to extend the paid time off 8 extra weeks and back-dating it to anyone who has had a baby in the last year. So I’m taking full advantage and started my leave last week! Feeling very fortunate to have this extra time off to spend at home with the girls. Last week I flew down to California with Audrey to visit my Grandma. She’s been in and out of the hospital and care homes for the past few months so I am happy that I have this time off and was able to make the trip down to see her.


Audrey, me, my brother Mike and my mom with my Grandma Anne


Love this one of my Aunt Maggie & my grandma smiling at Audrey

I wasn’t sure how travelling solo with a baby was going to be, but for the most part Audrey was great. The plane ride home was the roughest part. She was tired, teething and just not having any of it. I was that mom with the screaming baby. I tried everything I could to calm her down {stood up and rocked her, nursed her, gave her a cookie to gnaw on}, but when none of that worked I just closed my eyes and let her scream. haha. Sorry people around me!

Well, that pretty much sums up our life the last 6 months!

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