Idaho Road Trip!

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We survived Claire’s longest road trip yet! We drove out to McCall Idaho to visit one of my best friends from college, Michelle, her husband Andrew and sweet little 17 month old girl, Bretlee. We try to make seeing them an annual occurrence {wish it was more often}. Straight from Hillsboro, OR to McCall, ID it takes about 8 hours driving. I projected it would take more like 9 hours considering we were travelling with a 2 year old and stopping would be inevitable. But we were also travelling with my husband who would probably make me pee in a cup if he could so he wouldn’t have to stop…he HATES stopping on a road trip. Hates it. He also hates getting caught in traffic. If Google maps says we’ll make it there in 8 hours, he wants to get there in 7.5….thus why we got up and hit road by 4am.


We were able to successfully transfer Claire from her crib to the car seat without her waking. She then slept until around 6:30am! We stopped a few times after she woke to let her run around and to get some food. Then she fell asleep for the rest of the trip! It couldn’t have gone any better. Maybe there is something to this getting up SUPER early thing.



My friend Michelle is a super planner. So our weekend was perfectly planned out. Which was great. These are the kind of people that maximize time… and we LOVE that. No sleeping in and wasting time on this trip.

When we arrived we spent some time catching up and then we took a walk around. Andrew works for the fish hatchery which requires them to live at the hatchery. So we spent some time seeing the fish and then we walked the 5 minutes {!!} it takes to the beach. The girls ran around and played on the playground and I just enjoyed the incredible view! The lake was gorgeous and this town was so cute. It feels like a place people don’t actually live they just come to vacation {which is actually what it is..} but they do live there.


Friday morning we got up early and headed out to the lake for some jet ski and tubing fun. I haven’t done this since high school, it made me feel like a kid again {and then it made me feel really old when I could barely move the next day from the soreness}. We took turns going on the jet ski and watching the girls on the beach. We even saw a mama moose and her baby walk by!! So cool!


That night we took a stroll through the town and got some ice cream at Ice Cream Alley, which is a must do for tourists. It was delish!

The next day we headed to Burgdorf Hot Springs. These were awesome natural hot springs surrounded by beautiful mountains.


Later that afternoon we went to a party at one of their friends. They had an amazing property.The girls had fun dancing to the music and playing on the merry-go-round. Claire even tried out this huge swing that was attached to the tallest tree…I was pretty sure she was too small for it, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer so we gave it a swing and she loved it. She’s a fearless little one.


Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast in town and then we headed home! Claire fell asleep when we were about a 1/2 hour into the drive. And then she woke up. And stayed up. For the next 8 hours until we got home. Man oh man. She actually was really good. She wasn’t cranky or whining or anything, but she’s in this phase where she wants to point out everything she sees and if we don’t acknowledge her she will repeat it over and over and over until we do. “Mommy, mommy look a boat!” “A boat, mommy!” “Mommy a boat!” It’s fun that she knows so much these days loves to show us how much she knows…but I think anyone would get a tiny bit exhausted having to respond to her sightings for 8. hours. straight. But the important thing is that we had such a great trip with our great friends and we made it home safe and sound!

Now on to the next! We are leaving TONIGHT for a week-long trip to Alaska to visit Colin’s family! We haven’t been up to visit in a few years and Claire has never been, so we are very excited! No promises on when I will get that trip update on the blog.

Hope you all are having a great summer!

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One thought on “Idaho Road Trip!

  1. Michelle

    It WAS a great trip and we loved having you guys! And I loved recapturing our memories through your writing and pics. I have some great photos from my camera that I’ll be sending you, too. I didn’t know Claire was awake so long on your trip home, but I’m glad to hear she was a good, observant little girl. Thanks again so much for coming!! Hope you’re having a blast in Alaska!


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