House Projects {Week 4 Update}

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So in all honesty I have absolutely no idea what week we’re actually on right now. I just know I am waayyy behind. So this will most likely be my last “weekly” update and from here on out I’ll do updates based on projects.

In the 4th week we settled into our new place. We replaced the kitchen floors, replaced the soffit and light above the sink, finished up painting all the kitchen cabinets and unpacked {a little}, we’re still trying to figure out the best place for everything.


IMG_5318 IMG_5319



It’s getting there. We still need to paint the cabinets doors and put another coat of paint on the walls…but it’s feeling much cleaner and brighter than before! I actually like having some of the cabinets open, makes it easy to find things.

The first night we were in our house I seriously felt like I was camping. The house was cold, we had a fire, our shower wasn’t working {well, we hadn’t installed the new shower head yet} and I couldn’t find anything!! After a few weeks now being in the place, it’s starting to feel more like home!


I love the view from the couch looking at the fireplace, but then I see all the little things we need to do…replace the doors, paint trim, finish stairs…oh the never ending list!


It looks like we’re going for minimalist here and that’s only because we have no furniture. The last time we moved we sold a bunch of stuff because we decided we would buy new stuff when we bought a house. And furniture is at the top of our list but we’ve had a few set backs so we’re going to have to wait. Both of our cars have decided they are ready for some repairs {boo} and we need to budget for Christmas and an upcoming trip to Mexico {yay}. That’s just reality.

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3 thoughts on “House Projects {Week 4 Update}

  1. yvanstrong

    It’s looking great! I agree that one cupboard at least should be on “display”, though I think I’d opt for glass doors (to keep out dust and “kitchen grease”). The one displaying your plates, bowls and glasses would be really nice on display!

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