House Projects {Week 3 Update}

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The 3rd week was all about just getting done what needed to be done in order to move in! We were naive to think we would be in in 2 weeks…and even trying to get in by the end of the 3rd week was pushing it.

Here’s what we completed this week…We re-did the bathroom floor. Seriously that might be the most noticeable thing we did this week!

IMG_5310 IMG_5586

Colin’s parents were in town and they helped us out with a few of our projects including painting the floor vents and kitchen cabinets. We were planning on just buying all new floor vents, but washing them and spray painting them black made a huge difference…wish I had a before picture!                                                         floor-vents  Excuse the disaster that is my kitchen pictured below… this shows some of the painting progress made on the cabinets!


We cleaned EVERYTHING, {hot water, vinegar and baking soda work wonders!}, and then we had to do some things that have absolutely no visual appeal. Like cleaning the air vents, and getting the chimney & fireplaces inspected and cleaned, and spraying for ants {yes, we discovered we had carpenter ants in the attic….yuck!}. Oh yeah and we have a squirrel in the walls…we heard it a few weeks ago and when Colin removed the soffit in the kitchen a million nut shells fell out, but we haven’t heard it in a while…meaning it’s probably dead up there somewhere. Oh boy.

We did buy a light for the dining room. So that’s kind of fun. I REALLY wanted this light… but I went for the more affordable version from Home Depot…for now anyway.

dining-room light

By the end of the week we got everything moved over.

moving-boxes living-room

I was completely disorganized this time around and didn’t follow any of my moving tips from the last move. Maybe because moving twice in one year is just too much?? I am hoping this will be the last move we make for a VERY long time 🙂

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3 thoughts on “House Projects {Week 3 Update}

  1. Rhonda

    One step at a time….it didn’t get like that overnight….so it’s going to take time…but how exciting to see the progression! 🙂


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