House Projects {Week 2 Update}

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Again, I am way late in posting the updates. But fixing up a house is a lot of work! I also needed some time to recover before posting this one. Recover from what? you might ask. Well, we had a little bit of a catastrophe with the hardwood floors. We decided to refinish them ourselves {to save some money and because Colin wanted to do them}. Colin and my dad spent a full weekend sanding them down {like three full 12 hour days}.

Here’s a couple before photos to remind your how bad they actually were:

floors_before2 floors_before1

They looked amazing after they were sanded down.

floors1 floors4 floors3 floors2

Nice, huh??

Then we made a last minute decision to stain them dark. We had been going back and forth between leaving them light or staining them dark. The wood upstairs is red oak and the downstairs is white so staining would make it look the same throughout the house. So we went with it.

Colin went to Home Depot and asked the sales guys for help picking out a stain and then he spent the rest of the day staining the entire floor.

The next day he went over there to check on them and they looked horrible. Blotchy, streaky, totally uneven. Pretty heartbreaking actually. Colin went on the website of the brand of stain he purchased and it said in bold letters, Do not use on hardwood floors or large surfaces. Uhhh, what?!?! So apparently we got some really bad advice from the Home Depot guy. This made Colin feel a little better that it wasn’t completely all because of his skills, but still!! All that time and hardwork spent on them! ugh.

stained-floors2 stained-floors3

Home Depot did refund the money for the stain…but we were still left with needing to completely re-do them. My dad and Colin made one last attempt to try and fix them before deciding to call in a professional. The guy felt pretty bad for us and gave us a good deal. It pretty much drained our entire move-in reno budget, but it was well worth it.

finished-floors1 finished-floors2

I have a million other updates and we are living in the house now…so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “House Projects {Week 2 Update}

  1. yvanstrong

    The final result is breathtaking! Good save (and good choice to have a professional fix it). I should think your dad would have been a bit more cautious about dealing with wood floors after trying to refinish the wood floors of your mom and dad’s first house… it was fir flooring and he tried sanding (with a machine made for hardwood) and ended up with the Sea of Galilee… LOL!

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