House Projects {Week 1 Update}

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I’m a little late on posting my first week’s house update {considering we’re already past week 2}…but better late than never I guess! The first week went pretty well…only one emergency room visit…yep, Colin sliced his finger and had to get stitches. I guess we can’t expect EVERYTHING to go smoothly.

Here are a few more “before” pictures of the place…some of these aren’t true before pictures because they’re after getting in and demoing a bit, but they’ll give you a good idea of the shape the house was in!

photo 7 photo 6 basement-bathroom photo 9laundry-room

I know, I know the checkered print paint and floors, blue bathroom sink {and matching toilet!!}, vintage appliances and lights are just so adorable…it’s going to be hard to see them go 😉

Our first weekend my brothers and dad came over and helped us clean every wall in the place. They were a HUGE help!! It would have taken us much longer to get it all done without them. It was pretty disgusting to see all the yellowness come off the walls…ewww. Don’t smoke, especially not inside! Sick. Then we got one coat of paint on throughout the entire house. Look at the difference in what once was a white/cream color with the new white paint… insane. Paint is amazing. For now we’re painting everything white. Giving it a clean slate!

photo 10photo 8photo 5I think Colin was most excited about getting to do some demo {such a man}. He demoed out the basement, pulled up the bathroom floors, ripped up the carpet on the stairs and removed the fireplace insert. We also took off all kitchen cabinets and hardware to prepare them to be painted.

basement-demo basement-demo2photo 14photo 3

I’m coining this the “band-aid” phase in the reno process. We’re really just getting things cleaned up and ready for us to move in. We aren’t replacing anything just yet. We want to have the “big picture” plan laid out before we start any little projects here and there. We have some big plans to possibly had an addition so we don’t want to update something now, when we’ll just need to update it again later.

photo 12 photo 13

We also decided we’re going to replace all light switches, outlets/outlet covers, door knobs and floor vents. Man it’s all these little things you don’t think about in a home remodel!!  But they’re dirty and they just gross me out to have to touch them. I think updating those little things will make a big difference!

So far updating this place has been a lot of fun {well, I haven’t done nearly as much work as Colin…so for me it’s been fun}. One of the days Claire and I camped out in the front yard with our lunch and some toys while Colin worked and we ended up meeting several of the neighbors! The neighborhood seems to be full of young families, which is awesome! We weren’t sure what to expect.

Next on the list: finish painting, refinish hardwood floors, install new flooring in Kitchen & upstairs bathroom, paint kitchen cabinets and fix area of water damage above the kitchen sink {did you notice the classy duct tape??} and then thorough cleaning and moving! We are well into this list and have some interesting updates for you all so stay tuned!!

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5 thoughts on “House Projects {Week 1 Update}

  1. Kathy

    Wow! I am amazed at how much you’ve all gotten done already! The white paint does make such a difference – so bright and airy and more contemporary! What a large, open, roomy house for your family! Looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes, but do give yourselves some much needed down time to relax and just be together in your wonderful home!

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