Baby Burp Cloths {DIY}

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This last week our good friend’s, Natalie and Jesus, welcomed their precious baby girl, Johanna! I had plans to sew these burp cloths as a gift for little Johanna for months now and just hadn’t found the time. Her birth definitely pushed me into gear. I whipped up 6 of these babies in a day. When I was pregnant with Claire one of my friend’s sent me some of these and they are literally the best. The terrycloth is nice because it actually soaks up the baby spit-up instead of smearing it around like some of them do and they look cute too!


After receiving these and loving them so much I made some for another friend while I was on maternity leave. I tend to be the type of person that gets an idea for a project and just goes for it without even really knowing how to do it…So I didn’t use a pattern, which resulted in a lot of lop sided burp cloths. I also hadn’t used a sewing machine in about 15 years and I learned I’m really bad at sewing in a straight line {or a curved line, or any line really}. This time around I actually printed out a pattern and took the time to sew more carefully {the little marks on the sewing machine actually serve a purpose – to help guide a good sewed line…who would have thought} and they turned out much better!


Sewing Machine
Fabric scissors
– my mom use to have scissors that were for fabric only and we all used to make fun of her for it…when I first made these burp cloths for friend I used my regular old paper/whatever scissors and I instantly got it. Scissors that you use for nothing but fabric is a MUST.
Printed Flannel Fabric
Terrycloth fabric
Pattern from Cloud 9 Fabrics


  • Print and cut out the burp cloth pattern. This pattern includes a space piece…which didn’t make much sense to me, but attach the spacer to the bottom of the pattern like I have pictured below.


  • Fold flannel fabric in half and place the bottom of the pattern at the fold.


  • Trace around the pattern {ideally trace on the backside of the fabric…mine had such a strong crease from where it was folded I traced on the patterned side, which will be OK since there will be a 1/4 in. seam}
  • The pattern includes a dot to mark where to start and stop sewing. You will want to leave a small opening to pull the fabric through to turn it right-side out.


  • Cut out the fabric.


  • Unfold the flannel fabric and pin to the terrycloth fabric print side down.
  • Cut the terrycloth fabric to match the flannel {I left them pinned together so the fabrics would definitely match, even if my scissors decided to do a crazy cut or something on me}


  • Use a sewing machine to stitch a straight stitch along the outside, leaving a 1/4 in seam. Start and stop at the mark you made from the pattern


  • Push the fabric through the hole to turn it right-side-out


  • Iron the burp cloths


  • Stitch along the seam with a zigzag stitch


  • Wash and iron!

baby-burp-cloths-diyAnd there you go! The good thing about these is that even if you don’t get a perfectly straight stick or if you have a lot of extra threads hanging out {you can see some of that in the pic above} once you wash and iron them they look pretty good no matter what!

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  1. Kayla

    I definitely just made a bunch of these today! I found your link up at “The Pin Junkie”. I actually used the same fabric, but in green! 🙂 Yours turned out great, I love the shape.

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