Home Owners!

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So we bought a house. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I have been trying not to talk about it too much {ok, well everyone that sees me regularly knows that this is not true, I’ve been talking about it a lot}, but I’ve been afraid to publicly announce this in case something went wrong and we didn’t end up getting it. Papers are signed and the keys are in hand so it’s official!


As I posted here, we had been looking for a few months, but really hadn’t seen anything that we knew was our house. I was actually starting to feel like we would never find a house that had everything we wanted. Were we going to have to sacrifice neighborhood for square footage, or location for backyard size? We were also searching at the busiest time for home-buying, so houses were going fast. A house would go on the market and before we could even look at it it would already have multiple offers. Super frustrating!!

But two days after returning from our trip to Alaska I received a Redfin email for a house that just came on the market in an area that we hadn’t been looking at, because we didn’t think we could afford anything, but it was priced to sell. We went to view it that night. I knew instantly driving through the neighborhood that I wanted it. The location was perfect and it had every single one of our criteria! When does that ever happen!? Our criteria was; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, big backyard, an older home {preferably mid-century modern}, a fixer-upper in a nice neighborhood, good school district, not on a busy street, sidewalks, close to work, at least 1300 sq ft. and something that could potentially make us some return on our investment in the future. The sellers were not looking at offers for 5 days so we had time to think it over and make up our offer. They wanted to sell it as-is and not do any fixes..but it had half a roof and we knew we wouldn’t be able to get financing if we didn’t get it fixed before closing. So we offered a little above asking and put the roof fix in the offer.  We also sent a nice family photo and a letter about how much we loved the house. The waiting game was the worst!! Everyone told us we couldn’t get too invested in the house before going through the entire process….but we pretty much had a Pinterest board started and the entire house remodeled in our heads before we even put the offer in. So yes, we did get a little too invested in it…it would have taken me months to get over it if it hadn’t worked out!

The sellers counter-offered with some minor things, but agreed to fix the roof. We found out there had been 4 other offers, all cash investors! Really great sign that this house would give us a good return on our investment. The sellers really wanted a family and not just someone that was going to come in and flip it. Woo hoo!

The next steps were just making sure no surprises came up during the inspection. Which they didn’t. And that the appraisal would come in at or above what we were buying it for, which it did! It came in quite above what we’re paying…which is awesome. Then there were the 10 thousand pages of paperwork to sign. This home buying process is insane. Anyone else out there agree?

Get ready for some fun DIY home improvement posts because this place is a fixer! We won’t be moving in for a few weeks because we have some work to do before we even move in. The house was built in 1962 and had only 1 owner…I’m pretty sure the owner smoked every single day for the last 50 years in that house. It’s caked in yellow junk. So getting rid of the smoke smell and cleaning up the place with be the first things we do. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Borrowing an ozone machine, then painting, painting, painting. We are planning to refinish the hardwood floors before moving in as well. I think those few things will do wonders!

living roomnicotine-stainskitchen

We have grand plans for this place, but those will take a while. For now we just want to get it livable and then we’ll start slowly updating. I mean as much I love that avocado sink…it will need to go eventually 🙂


Just look at this backyard! It’s my favorite part! So excited to have so much space. I can already picture Claire out there playing!

Oh yeah, so I guess that means we are moving again…that’s the part I have avoided thinking about. Let the fun begin!

Follow our house progress:

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5 thoughts on “Home Owners!

  1. April

    Hooray! This house sounds so perfect and I can’t believe how big your backyard is, wowza!! Cant wait to hear all about your DIY adventures! Congratulations!!

  2. Rhonda

    KILZ (I think that is how you spell it) works WONDERS!! It’s a primer that will take those stains off the wall with just a coat! Your dad knows what it is!
    We are so excited for you!! Can’t wait to have a family BBQ in that backyard!!

  3. saphiregirl1

    It’s an interesting journey you have taken. So proud for you! I am now on the selling end, and I can tell you it is just as maddening, wild and difficult to be on pins and needles, waiting and not knowing the outcome. So glad you got a place you love and that there is lots of room for you to grow. I enjoyed reading about the progress you made and what you have done looks beautiful.


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