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I’ve always had a hard time keeping my home clean. Even before I had a home I had a hard time keeping my room clean. To anyone else my room resembled the aftermath of a tornado. But the funny thing is, it was totally organized. Always. Just in several little piles scattered across the entire room…and in the bed…and on my sister’s side of the room…My husband on the other hand is impeccably neat. I wouldn’t go so far as to say impeccably clean…just neat. He likes things in their place. If they don’t have a place they need to be purged of immediately. Oh boy, do opposites attract. But I try. And I actually do want to be clean and have one of those uber organized homes you see these days. Getting there is the tough part. So I introduce to you my first step to this goal, The Cleaning Calendar. I was inspired by Pinterest to introduce this into our household a few months ago. Maybe if I post it up on the bathroom mirror with pretty tape or on the fridge we will use it! Maybe, just maybe, our little apartment will be so clean by doing little chores constantly we won’t have to have the infamous 4 hour cleaning day that comes around once things have really gotten out of hand.


As I mentioned before, my husband is the neat one, but we both lack the time it takes to keep things really up to par. So we used it a week. Oh I promised honesty on this blog. It was probably more like a day and a half. I’ve decided maybe if I focus on one of these things it will slowly get there…so I’ve decided to load the dishwasher at night and empty in the morning. Everyday. Really the dishes are what I hate most, so if I start there we might see vast improvement.

Question for you all though, how do people who have a 1 yr old and work full time and exercise and enjoy the sunshine {well, when there is sunshine} and cook dinner, really have time to keep their house clean?? Any other tips? At this point I’m resorting to “when this blog makes me millions I’ll hire a cleaning lady” but what do I do in the meantime?

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15 thoughts on “Home Cleaning Calendar

  1. MaryBeth

    Oh man Emily I feel you on this one. I even work from home with 2 littles and still can’t keep my house clean. I got a free copy of Motivated Mom’s Planner, a house cleaning and organizing yearly calendar, that I’m going to start this week. Hope it gets me headed in the right direction 🙂

  2. Dorothy

    We both work full time and have a 19 month old. We have a cleaner come once every 2 weeks (so twice a month) because we can’t keep up with the cleaning, plus laundry, plus dishes and maintain the teensy, tinsy shreds of sanity we have left. It is just too much! I really don’t know how people do it without help but I give you props.

  3. Ashlee

    Check out the 30 day power purge by Hannah Keely. I’m in the midst of it now, and it’s nice to feel like I’ve accomplished something each day, haha, even if it’s small at first. Once the extra “stuff” is gone, I think it makes the cleaning calendar a little easier to keep up with. But, I’m still in the beginning, so ask me in a couple months how it’s working out :).

  4. yvanstrong

    Some people are more sensitive to their environment. It sounds like Colin feels anxious or distracted by clutter and so has been personally motivated to be “neat”. While you are not anxious unless it’s unorganized and you can’t find something. You need a compromise. I suggest that you endeavor to have clear *surfaces* as much as possible. Table-tops, counters tops of dressers, floors, etc. should be as clear of stuff as possible. The only way to make it workable for *you* is if you are impeccably organized in how you put the stuff out of sight. This is something you are good at, so use that strength. All it takes is some creative problem solving. 😉

    Something I learned and used when I had my son at home and then when I worked a job is to use “little minutes”. Got a few minutes while you wait for something to bake? Go to a “hot spot” of clutter and clear it. Or sweep the kitchen floor. Just something small when ever you can fit it in, including phone time.

    Another thing I used while working was a wonderfully comprehensive system from the Slob Sisters: Sidetracked Household Executives. They are funny and clever.

  5. Kelsey

    I’m so much like you, Emily! So much that I used the same cleaning chart when I made the same decision. It worked pretty well for me, but at some point I fell off the wagon…I’m going to get back on and see if I can get it to stick this time 🙂

    I did find that in my house, this particular chart needed a little adjusting on the timing. I needed to do somethings more often, and others much less. For example, we don’t make much trash, so taking it out is more of a weekly chore than a daily one.

    1. Emily Post author

      I think adjusting the cleaning calender to work for us, is what I need to do. Definitely going to keep trying with it! It’s nice to know there are others out there like me 🙂

  6. Mary Kambak

    I highly recommend the Sidetracked Home Executive! Many good ideas but also VERY entertaining -I remember laughing SO hard @ sisters Pam & Peggy’s stories – they described me & my habits to a T! That was 30 years ago – I should check them out again; it’s way past time!

  7. Kim Kambak

    HI Em,

    Years ago when I had two littles two years apart, I read a suggested cleaning list much like what you posted. It was aimed at “stay-at-home” parents which I wasn’t but…it was so helpful.
    Before 8 am: Put shoes on; Drink 16 oz. H2O; Make bed; Surface clean bathroom sink(s) and toilets-hang up a clean towel; and decide what is for dinner.

    This saved my bacon. I was always comfortable with drop in guests-no weird stuff in the bathrooms, I was comfortable about dinner, with shoes on I was more likely to take out the trash and go on a walk during a “sun break” and the water just makes me fell better.

    Now as a post menopausal woman, I try to do these tasks everyday. Life is good…



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