Heart Nail Art

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Even with an exhausting weekend full of moving and getting settled into our new place {pics coming soon}, I somehow managed to get a little time to do my nails {you can see more of my recent nail art here and here}. Since it’s February now, I went with the obviously choice of hearts. I decided to merge my last 2 attempts into one, use tape to make a stencil and use the gold sharpie!

Nail Art Supplies:

Nail Polish
Top coat
Sharpie {or another polish color}
Masking Tape


First pant your nails then wait for them to dry {I always run them under a little cold water to help speed up the drying process}


I went with a barbie pink color….it’s one of my faves

Cut out a heart stencil {fold tape in half and cut a half heart}. This took several tries. Originally I wanted to do the heart on my ring finger, but I couldn’t cut out a small enough heart, so the thumb it is!


my inability to cut out a small heart would have absolutely nothing to do with the wine pictured in this photo…. 😉

Apply the stencil to desired fingernail.


Fill in the stenciled area with Sharpie! For some reason I could not get the Sharpie to color in evenly. I think next time I would go with using second polish color to fill in the heart…


Pull off the tape.


The Sharpie gave it a vintagey gold look…kind of cool… yes, no, kinda, sorta?

Allow to dry and then paint over with top coat. Instead of doing regular brush strokes I dabbed on the top coat so the Sharpie wouldn’t smear {or you could just wait longer for it to dry}


And there you go. Heart nails 🙂 I actually got a couple compliments on it.

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