Happy Dating Anniversary

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In honor of our dating anniversary (we started dating 9 years ago today!) and the fact that it is Valentine’s Day week.. I thought I would share the story of how Colin and I met. Do any other married couples out there still celebrate their dating anniversary? I think maybe we do just because it also falls so close to Valentine’s Day…and by celebrate I really just mean, acknowledge it and tell each other Happy Anniversary {Or it’s more like I mention to Colin, “Hey, remember how we started dating 9 years ago…”}


Our early dating years…we look like babies!

Anyway, on to the story! The college we went to held an annual Pacific Idol competition {get it? Like American Idol but since it was Pacific University they called it Pacific Idol}. It was kind of a big deal because, well, it was a small college, in a small town surrounded by corn fields so there wasn’t a whole lot going on except what was going on on the campus. My freshman year, Colin was a contestant and sang “Who’s Your Daddy?” Oh yes, he did. He came out all decked out in his Levi jeans, cowboy boots and hat. And put on a show for sure. It’s really funny looking back on that now knowing him, I mean he’s ridiculously goofy, but I’m not sure he would do that these days. I wish I had snapped a photo or gotten a copy of the video somehow…it would be a fun thing to watch and show the kids someday. My friend, Michelle, and I thought Colin was totally handsome, he was also a junior which I think somehow added to his handsomeness. So of course we voted for him and as a joke we drew little hearts and wrote things like “he’s my idol” on the ballot. You know, stuff a freshman girl in college would do {or is that a middle school girl thing?}

After the competition I started seeing him around everywhere. You know how that happens? Kind of like when you buy a new car and then realize everyone has that same car and you had never noticed before. A few months went by and I still just kept seeing him around but hadn’t actually met him. Until our first day back from Christmas break my friend Michelle decided to call up her friend she worked with. He ended up not being able to talk and gave the phone to Colin, who was apparently his roommate. I was in her room hanging out at the time. Totally random…or was it?

The next day we were studying in the library like good college girls and Colin came in. He settled at a table near by, then he kept getting up and walking by, looking at us from the corner of his eye to see if it was us. I left to take a break and when I came back Colin was there chatting with Michelle. He swears that when I walked up that was the first time he had ever seen me…

We started all hanging out as a big group. We pretty much hung out everyday for a month or so before going on our first date. Which wasn’t really an official date {It was to the grocery store the next town over and a little Mexican place for dinner}. Also, I had just read a little book called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” when we met, so I was in a strict no dating phase. I knew I liked him a lot and could tell he was starting to like me, so what else could I do but give him the book? He acted excited about it and read it for a day or so, and then he told me he was feeling brainwashed from it and didn’t want to read it anymore. Ha! And a few weeks later we were officially dating! The whole premise of the book really was to be intentional, not to date anyone that you didn’t plan on marrying. Well, I planned on marrying Colin so I figured it would be OK to start dating 🙂


We’ve always been a little goofy

And that’s that. We dated all through college and got married the summer after I graduated. We’re coming up on 6 years! I feel very blessed to have found such a great and Godly man so early in my life. He makes me laugh every day and truly does make me a better person. Love you, Colin!


One of my favorites 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Happy Dating Anniversary

  1. Amber

    So sweet 🙂 yes, Andrew and I still acknowledge our dating anniversary and the day we met anniversary and our first official date anniversary, which is different than the day he asked me to be his girlfriend aka the dating anniversary haha…I know all confusing. I think it’s good to continue to celebrate things like that together, or at least acknowledge them! It’s been a little over 8 years for us! Happy anniversary!

  2. Lacy

    This is so funny because Daniel and I just celebrated our 9 years since our first date this week and we will also be celebrating our 6 yrs of marriage this comingAugust!

  3. Jen

    “We” had to decide on the day we started dating since it wasn’t very unofficial…it coincidentally is 6 months exactly from Roman’s birthday – planned? I think so.

    Happy 9 years!


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