Half Marathon Success

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First half marathon of the year complete! Woo hoo.  My knee had been bothering me since doing a long run last weekend, so I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But I did, and with a personal record! I think my keys to success were the fact that I ate ridiculously unhealthy all weekend and went to my book club the night before which resulted in alcoholic drinks {only one} and staying up later than planned. Just kidding. Well, not kidding about those things happening, but they probably weren’t my keys to success. I think the real keys to success are 1) AWESOME friends to run with and 2) consistent training.


Veronica, Stacy, Lydia and myself

I’m by no means an expert, but these are things that have seriously helped me start and continue running:

1) Run with Friends: If you are thinking about starting to run, whether it’s just for fun or you have a race you want to do, I would highly recommend finding a training buddy. I used to run by myself only, I didn’t want to hold anyone back or be pushed too hard. But it is SO much more enjoyable with a friend! During our race we talked the entire time and there were even times when I forgot we were running! It went by insanely fast. Find someone that is around the same speed as you and has similar goals for running. Do you want to train for a race? Are you running for enjoyment and don’t mind running slower? Are you trying to increase speed? Aligning your goals will really help in finding a good running buddy. Having someone to train with not only makes the run go by faster it also keeps you accountable to someone.

2) Consistent Training: Once you’ve found someone who’s running goals align with yours, create a schedule and stick to it. For example, we do shorter runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a longer run on Saturdays. Whatever the schedule is that you decide be consistent with it. The more you run just to do it, the more you will start to actually want to run.

3) Sign up for a race: This would be my last key to success. I continued running because I had goals to complete races in mind. I think this can be the scary part for a lot of new runners that have never run a race before, but it’s also the fun part! After I ran my first race I was hooked! Start out small, find a 5k that’s cheap and get your running buddy to do it with you!

Here are some good training plans you can start with:

8-Week Beginner’s Program

Couch to 5k

Half Marathon Training Plan

Check out my recipe for our favorite treat to have before and after a race! If you missed my first post on running click here. Happy Running!

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