How to get rust stains out of white pants

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Why oh why would I write a post about getting rust stains out of white pants..??? Well, I happened to get a rust stain on my new white pants and to make myself feel better I’m rationalizing that I cannot be the only out there that’s gotten rust stains on pants…right?? So for all you others out there that have gotten rust stains on brand new {expensive} white pants this one’s for you!

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First, I have to rant just a little. I purchased these brand new white denim jeans from my beloved J. Crew for way more money than I ever spend on anything. But I had birthday money and a coupon code for 30% off so I¬†wanted to spend it on something nice..So $115 white pants it was! Colin and most of my friends thought it was a bad idea because of Claire. Apparently you are not allowed to wear anything white if you have a small child, but the funny thing is that the rust stains {and the millions other things I’ve spilled on them so far} have had absolutely nothing to do with Claire…so I guess in general I should just not be allowed to wear white jeans.

So how in the world does one get rust stains on white pants anyway? Well, after the very first time I wore them {I was pretty proud of myself and did not spill one single thing on them} I washed them. I washed them on delicate, with special “delicates” detergent and then I decided not to dry them, because I was going to really care for this expensive pair of jeans, so I hung them to dry. On our staircase rail…a brass, steel, iron, {some sort of metal} rail…which has no visible evidence of rust…but apparently that doesn’t matter, if you place a pair of expensive {this probably only happens to the expensive clothes} damp white pants, that you have tried so hard not to stain, you will end up with rust stains. UGH. I frantically googled “how to get rust stains out of white pants” and I didn’t find much. Bleach was not an options because the tag specifically said “Do not bleach.” I did find some suggestions on using lemon juice and salt, so I decided to give it a try…and it worked!!! Hallelujah!





  • Pour salt over stained area
  • Squirt lemon juice over stain
  • Rub lemon juice over the stain and let sit
  • Continue to squirt lemon juice on affected area until it appears to lighten and start going away
  • Wash as directed¬†

Hope this helps someone out there that has had this tragedy happen to their brand new pair of pants!

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