Festive Nail Art

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I’m seeing a lot of nail art Pinterest posts. I’m really digging it. It makes me feel like I’m twelve again (not really sure if that’s a good thing). My sister always seems to be up on the nail polish trends. So I’ll usually paint my nails when I visit her since she buys a new color weekly and my own collection consists of 3 colors (pink, red and orange…oh and grey, that was the newest addition). During my last visit I went for this lovely shade of gold.


Pretty, right? (Excuse my non-model fingers). Originally I wasn’t fully committed to doing any art, but the next day I decided to bite the bullet. I’m feeling festive so candy cane nails seemed appropriate.

All you need is your choice of 2 nail polish colors (the first color is still at my sister’s, so it’s not pictured), top coat, masking tape, and scissors.


Paint your nails with your first nail color choice. Let dry completely. I waited overnight which I recommend so that the first color doesn’t get messed up by the tape.

Cut out strips of masking tape and arrange over ring finger (or all your fingers, or which ever finger you wish).


Paint the taped nail with your second nail color choice.


Let dry, peel the tape strips off carefully, and voila!


Not too bad for my nail painting abilities…though I wish I had taped it so it came out a little less uniform. Obviously it required a little touching up with nail polish remover and q-tips (not sure why I didn’t have that out and ready in the first place). Then use a little top coat to seal the deal.
FINISHED_RED_GOLDI wish I would have made it a little less uniform, but it’s still fun and festive.

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One thought on “Festive Nail Art

  1. Mary Kambak

    I thought your nails looked rerally pretty, festive & sparky when I saw you but I didn’t know how you did that. thanks for sharing this


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