Snow Day & Sugar Scrub {DIY}

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It’s snowing here in Portland and that’s a big deal. I get to work from home and actually our company is closed today, which is so nice, considering I hate/can’t drive in snow and neither can anyone else around here. So it’s a relief not to have to go anywhere.

Here’s my home “office.” At least one area in our place is put together. 🙂

home-officeAnd the view isn’t so bad today


I’m loving that this house backs up to a wooded area and a creek!

But this cold weather has been taking a major toll on my skin. My hands are so dry they are cracking and bleeding…that’s pretty bad. So last night I decided to whip up a sugar scrub and keep it by the sink so I could use a little after washing my hands. I made sugar scrub for Christmas gifts this year, but I didn’t make any for myself.

I found this easy 2 ingredient sugar scrub recipe on Today’s Creative Blog and so far I love it, so thought I would share it with you all! It uses Coconut oil instead of olive oil which is what I used last time and I didn’t like the olive oily smell it had. This is almost scentless. You could always add a couple drops of essential oil if you want it to smell though.



1/4 cup Coconut oil
1 cup sugar
Container for storing
Washi tape or ribbon for decoration

 Mix oil and sugar in a bowl with a fork. Once well mixed, store in a jar. To use, wet your hands or body {can be used in the shower}, scrub into your skin, rinse off and pat dry. Enjoy!



Store in a jar and flare it up with some Washi tape!

Stay warm out there!

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