DIY Party Decorations #2 {Tissue Paper Pom Poms}

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For my second party decorations post I’m going to show you how to make your own tissue paper pom poms! When Claire turned one I went a little crazy buying party decorations, including these tissue pom poms for like $5 each.


Doesn’t sound like much, but when you realize how insanely cheap and simple¬†they are to make yourself and the fact that you have to do half the work anyway if you buy them, it starts sounding like a fortune. And really, from the picture above and the one below…can you even tell the difference??


I bought a pack of tissue paper for around $1 at Target and it makes 2 large pom-poms, or 1 big and 2 small or 4 small… you choose! So do the math…that’s quite the price savings!


9 Sheets of tissue paper per pom pom


  • Stack the 9 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other
  • Start folding the tissue paper like an accordion, until it is completely folded


  • find the center {maybe even fold in half if you want to crease it}

photo 2 (30)

  • Cut enough string to you can make a loop at the top to hang it from
  • Tie the string in the middle. Be sure the ends of the string are at the top of the folded tissue paper, so they don’t get lost


  • Cut both ends of the tissue paper into a rounded shape {or if you want to experiment with different shaped edges, check out this blog post on tissue paper flowers}. If you buy them this is how they come…so as I said before you’re doing half the work anyway and you’re paying much, much more.


  • Start pulling the pieces of tissue apart from each other, Start on one side and then the other


And there you go!! Better than buying them. For sure.



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