DIY Party Decorations #1 {Party Banner}

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Hello friends! I’ve had so many parties lately that I’ve decided to do a series on DIY Party Decorations! Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you want for your party, so why not make it yourself?? Today I’m showing you how to make a party banner. I think a banner is an essential to party decorating these days. I know you can buy them, but I’ve had fun making my own. I made my first one for a friends bachelorette party a couple years ago, then I made one for Claire’s first birthday and most recently I made these for my friend’s baby shower and my sister’s bridal shower. party-banner-diy IMG_0497Bride-to-be-diy-banner


2-3 sheets of colored Cardstock Paper {or more depending if you want to layer multiple colors} Print off of text you want {Click here for “Sweet Baby Girl”¬†or here for “Bride to be“} Pennant template Scissors Hole punch Reinforcement labels Twine, tulle, ribbon, etc. {whatever you want to use to string the flags together} Glue or double sided tape


  • Type up {or use one of mine above} and print off the text you want for you banner {I just use regular computer paper} and cut them out.IMG_1704
  • Use your pennant template to trace onto your cardstock and cut them out. You can use the two different size templates to layer multiple colors or just use one!

photo 3 (3)

  • Use your adhesive to assemble your pennant and letters together. I prefer to use double sided tape because it doesn’t leave clumps or wrinkle the paper like glue does {I used glue for the one pictured below and you can see how it wrinkles}
  • Punch a hole in each of the top corners of the pennant.

photo 2 (5)

  • Use clear reinforcement labels to give it a little reinforcement {you may choose not to use these depending on what you use to string them together. When I used tulle I felt like it needed reinforcement since it was so thick}
  • String together your pennants. If you are using string or twine you can use one long piece {like I did for the “Sweet Baby Girl” banner}.

photo 3 (4)

  • If using ribbon you may want to cut small pieces and tie little bows in between each pennant {like I did for Claire’s birthday banner}. For tulle, cut out small squares {don’t mind the horrible cut job shown below, the beauty of this is you can’t even tell once it’s put together ;)} and fold the tulle so it fits through the hole. Double knot the tulle to make it look like a bow.

photo 4 (1) photo (3) And there you go! It’s a fairly fun and easy craft to do yourself. And you can make it look exactly how you want it! Let me know what you think. Comment below with any tips and tricks of your own for making a party banner!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Party Decorations #1 {Party Banner}

  1. kimberlycox2014

    I Love this idea. I have my (almost) 2 year olds birthday coming up in about 2 months, this would be perfect to start on early and get it knocked outta the way!!!

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