DIY Pacifier Clip gone wrong {Project Outtakes}

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So the whole reason I started this blog was to show ya’ll that no one is perfect, right? Not even me 😉 I’ve been waiting to post about these DIY pacifier clips until I got them pretty close to perfect. I think I was embarrassed because honestly I thought these were going to be one of my “easy” projects, I mean let’s face it I did a pretty darn good job on those DIY burp cloths and this little measly thing calls for a piece of ribbon, some metal suspender clips, and a couple sewing stitches.

Well this is how the clips look that my friend made and I wanted to try to make for another friend of mine that recently had a baby. Her sewing looks totally profesh. And some how she got the sewing machine to go diagonally…Excuse the picture quality and the dirtiness of it…it is used by a 1.5 yr on the daily after all, but you get the idea.

photo 2 (27)

And here’s mine……………………………………………..

IMG_2451 close-up-pacifier-clip

Need I say more? I think this was even my second attempt. Should I just swallow my pride and try again? Or should I just bag the whole project? 🙂

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7 thoughts on “DIY Pacifier Clip gone wrong {Project Outtakes}

  1. Yvan Strong

    Definitely try again 🙂

    Your problem is that you need to fiddle with your thread tension (not an easy task, but doable) and to learn the technique of “turning” a line of stitching, which is easy.

    If the bunching up of the threads is on the bottom, you need to tighten the upper thread tension, conversely, if the bunching up of the thread is on the top, you need to loosen the upper thread tension. Avoid trying to fiddle with the bobbin tension unless nothing else works, and if you do, only move the screw by a tiny bit for each test. (See your machine’s instructions for how to do that). Use a doubled piece of ribbon for testing.

    To turn a sharp corner in the stitching, sew up to the corner and stop with the needle *down*, lift the pressure foot and turn the ribbon, put the pressure foot back down and continue. I would recommend beginning with the “horizontal” line of stitching, turn doing a diagonal, turn again to stitch the other “horizontal”, turn again to do the other diagonal. Back-stitch a few stitches at the beginning and end and then you can just snip the loose threads close to the ribbon. Put an extra “bar tac” across the bottom of the loop (forward, backward, forward) to reinforce the stress point.

  2. hollowtreeventures

    Definitely try again! But until then, would you mind if I featured you on with a link back to this post? I’m the editor there, and we share good-natured craftfailers and their self-proclaimed craft- and food-fails to help people feel better – exactly like you’ve done here! I’m sure our readers would love to see this. 😀

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