Claire Update: 2 Years

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I can’t even believe my little baby is 2 years old already!!!! How in the world does time fly by so fast? I seriously feel like I was JUST pregnant and anxiously anticipating her arrival, but then again, I barely remember our life without her!


Here she is week 1! Little peanut! We thought she was the cutest thing in the world…and at the time she was, but now I think she’s even cuter ūüôā

Claire¬†is silly, playful, happy, cuddly, smart, beautiful, and funny. Well, I shouldn’t make it all sound too perfect because she has definitely had a few days lately that are sure¬†signs of the “Terrible Twos.” Usually these breakdowns happen in the morning when Colin has already left for work, so¬†my natural reaction is to¬†whip out the camera and¬†get a¬†little of the tantrum on ¬†video so he can experience it with me…I shouldn’t be the one to have all the fun! But in general she is a very happy child.

IMG_4659 IMG_4957

Currently her favorite phrases are “What’s Daddy doing?” or “Where’s Daddy?” She loves her daddy. I mean what’s not to love? He’s pretty much just an over-sized child {photo below…case in point} that gives her Cheetos and cookies if she just looks at him with those big blue eyes of hers. Her favorite foods are bananas, strawberries {this is the key to her heart, her auntie Kristin gave her a ton of strawberries a few weeks ago and she’s still talking about it}, apple juice, and eggs {we also occasionally give her junk, I really didn’t want to admit this but it is reality,¬†cookies, Cheetos, ice cream…}

photo 5

She loves being outside, slides and swings at the park are her favorite.¬†She is always on the go, she doesn’t sit even for TV, which¬†isn’t a bad thing.¬†She also loves playing with her baby dolls and her new play kitchen! I worked from home the other day and she spent hours playing with her baby and going “goshy shopping” {grocery shopping} in her kitchen. Her adorableness is just too much. As sad as I am that she is growing up just too fast, I’m excited to see what’s to come this next year.

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

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4 thoughts on “Claire Update: 2 Years

  1. MaryBeth

    I agree that it isn’t a bad thing that she doesn’t watch TV. Neither does Cece, but every once in awhile I’d love for her to sit and watch even 20 minutes of something while I do something.

  2. Mary

    Well, she certainly does have a good life with you & Colin as parents! Such a sweet girl! And getting cuter and more fun EVERY day – who could believe that’s even possible?


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