Claire Update: 21 Months

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My little baby is getting so big! She’s so close to being 2 it’s insane. Her favorites these days are bubbles, buckles and babies. She can literally sit and play for hours if it involves one of those things.


Oh yeah and she’s a total goof ball. She has such a hilarious little personality. I have no idea where she gets it 😉

Her vocabulary is also getting so big, she pretty much repeats everything we say. And she likes to impress us by saying the word again hours or days later. She literally laughs after she says it, like she knows it’s pretty impressive that she’s only said the word one other time in her life and now she remembers it and can say it at the right times. Babies’ brains are amazing.

The other day she totally caught me off guard when she told me “baby’s crying.” It was the first time she really started to show that she’s getting an imagination {which is a 2 yr old milestone}. Now the baby is always crying, the baby also frequently needs help putting on her diaper. It’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. But if anyone tries to take that baby Claire quickly yells out her new favorite word “MINE”!! She’s quite possessive of what is hers, or what she thinks is hers, or what she wants to be hers. I’ve figured out how to use this to my advantage though… with eating she’s become quite picky, she barely eats a thing, especially when those things are green. But if I take a bite of something on her plate, she yells out “MINE” and then starts eating it 🙂 Oh the tricks of being a mom. You learn them quickly.


The other night we made it to the library for story time. I really had no expectation that Claire would sit through the whole 45 minutes. But SHE DID!! She sat on my lap quietly, except one outburst of yelling “BABY” when a dad came in with a baby carrier {again, she’s obsessed}. I’m not sure if she was actually listening to the stories, but I didn’t care. She was so quiet and happy to be around so many other little kids. She kept looking around and smiling and then looking up at me and smiling. During the songs she clapped along. When they handed out instruments she ran up to the front to get one and ran back to me with the biggest “I’m a big girl” smile ever. She ran back up to return it when it was time. She went up to get her stuffed animal when it was dance time and put it away when the box came around to return them. I was really impressed she didn’t yell out “MINE” when it was time to put the toys back! That’s a sign that she’s getting older. It was so much fun though, definitely going be a regular thing. She really is growing up too fast!


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One thought on “Claire Update: 21 Months

  1. Kathy

    What fun reading about Claire and how shes’ learning and growing! Such a special time for her and for you and Colin enjoying her – cherish every moment!


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