Chalkboard Mug

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I got the idea on Pinterest to paint half of a white mug with black chalkboard paint. It actually was going to be a Christmas gift for my dad….but Colin talked me out of it when I was about to start the project at 10 pm on Christmas Eve. Sorry Dad, maybe for your birthday! He (like my mother) doesn’t read my blog so no risk of ruining a surprise here.

I already had a can of chalkboard spray paint. This needs to be in everyone’s craft arsenal. Go buy one now, it will not go to waste. I promise I will be doing more crafts with chalkboard spray paint. It’s the best. I also already had a plain white mug that I bought at Goodwill for $.99. So I was set.


I taped up the mug with masking tape (I didn’t bother looking for painters tape, though I think it would have been a good idea) and cleaned the mug with rubbing alcohol. I set up my spraying area. And started to spray away. The can recommends light sprays to prevent dripping. I tried my hardest.

pre-chalkboard-paint-mug chalkboard-mug-2

I let it dry over night. Then took the tape off…


I was a little worried about those wrinkles in the tape….obviously not worried enough.

Good thing Colin stopped me from working on this for my dad the night before Christmas, sheesh. I was able to scrape off the drips with a kitchen knife and made it look a little better.


Only after I completed this project I thought to actually check out the directions. A couple things you all should do differently when you make yours: don’t use spray paint (maybe it’s not the best), paint the mug and immediately bake it at 350°F for 30 minutes. After it’s completely cooled rub a piece of chalk to “activate” the chalk board effect of the paint. Let me know how yours turns out!

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