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Love Your Children {Guest Post}

Guest post today, from my lovely mother!

Every year I write a Christmas letter. I started writing one because I had received letters from others which I enjoyed very much. I liked reading about everyone, and how successful their kids were.   I was always impressed, straight A’s, full scholarships, a star on the basketball team.  I thought if I enjoyed these letters others would too. I wanted to let everyone know how great my children were also.

I had no idea how to write this letter, some of the letters I received every year were very clever, making their family year into a poem, or writing their letter in the shape of a tree. I did not know how to be creative so I used a simple format, beginning paragraph outlining the big mile stones of the year, then each child having their own paragraph, ending with a short summary.

I wrote about each of them truthfully, they were my children and I thought everything they did was wonderful. I wrote about all their triumphs and defeats. Michael would not take swimming lessons. Megan was not learning to read. Natalie hated ballet. I wrote about my amazement when Emily won an award for neat and orderly, I really did not know how she won this, she definitely was not this at home. As a mother, I enjoyed all there was about having children, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The response to my Christmas letter was surprising. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Apparently most people get tired of reading about all the perfect children. My letter was one that we all can relate to. Everyone has a son, like my son Tim, who’s report card would say, “Great Kid to have in class” next to the F he received in that subject. Or like my son, Michael; his first high school report card was a 2.2. He got an A in Technology and a C in every other class. He would never get into college at that rate.

What I want my Christmas letter to say to the world is that I am not ashamed of my children no matter what they do or who they are. I have no expectations other than they be who they are. I want to be right there along side of them discovering who they are, walking with them toward the person God has called them to be. They do some stupid things sometimes, don’t we all?  I may not always agree with them, I may be afraid for them, but I will never be ashamed of them.

The child of mine, with a 2.2, now is making more than I have ever made (It was that A in technology). The one who hated ballet became a professional Ballerina; the one who struggled to learn to read has a successful job at a bank, the great kid to have in class who got F’s, now climbs mountains. And the child who won the neat and orderly award, well, she married someone who is neat and orderly. Love your children through it all and they will surprise you.

Hello 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that your new year is off to a great start! We’re starting off 2015 right with a week long vacation to Cabo! We leave on Saturday and I cannot wait, I’m so in need of some sunshine!

I know I have been majorly absent on the blog and it really bums me out I wasn’t able to sit down and crank out some festive posts for you all {but you can reference a couple from last year if you want, here, here and here 😉 } I actually have a large list of projects that I have done in the past few months that I just haven’t had time to document {just doing the projects has been hard enough!}

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